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Walking in with Shakira blasting is always an invigorating feeling.

Then, by playing the two of the most popular songs played on my iPod, this place immediately became number one in my book. Fantastic Latino atmosphere with crazy Lebanese women dancing on tables = yes please.

Even though the cocktails are roughly 13,000LL and beer for 10,000LL, you’re bound to make your stay at Sepia worth it with admiration of the modern industrial bar and major music hit remixes so loud you can barely hear someone three feet away from you (in a good way).

. . . . .

Address: Rue Gemmayzeh

Telephone: 01-656 777

Al Baba Sweets

Not far from Verdun, is the Al Baba Sweets Shop, right next to Sugar Daddy’s Bakery. Your mouth will water when you see all the baklava they have to offer. However, not only do they make traditional baklava, but many other chocolates and cakes with a Lebanese twist.

. . . . .

Address: Tagh Din Solh Street

Telephone: 01-787 178



On rue Sadat, perpendicular to Hamra Street, not far from the LAU lower gate is the beloved Yoggi Ice Cream (Italian gelato shop…yum yum) . 1 soop for 1500LL, 2 scoops for 3000LL, and 3 scoops for 4500LL, you will definitely get a ton of italian ice cream for your leeras. I highly suggest the lemon flavor. Open late.

Goodies Supermarché

In the Verdun part of Beirut, south of the LAU campus area, and Hamra is the little Goodies Supermarket. With fresh fruit (that is edible!) and a wide selection of international goods, you are sure to get your daily dose of ‘healthy’ here.

French breads, meats, varieties of nuts, lovely sweets, the list goes on and on. Goodies has such a wide variety of just about anything. And as for Beirut fruits and veggies- you can’t turn ’em down when they are only a pinch pricier than the places you find every couple of blocks on the street. So if you’re needing a nice ripe tomato for an omelette, come to goodies instead of risking it on the street, fo’ sho’.

. . . . .


Address: Verdun-Main Street P.O. Box

Telephone: +961 1 796797


In between the LAU and AUB campus’s on Bliss Street you’ll find a petit pâtisserie and snackshop with traditional lebanese snacks. From mankoushé to spinach triangles, anything can be topped with some lebneh and some spicy tomato paste (served with cucumbers and olives). Everything is literally less than $4 (cheaper at night, however, not really sure why…) So stock up on some local treats while taking a break from bar-hopping.

One of many locations is on Bliss street, in Hamra, Beirut.

Telephone: 01-367281‎

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