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Discovering a city can be wonderful by yourself, but when you’ve got a group of girls you discover it with, it makes the memories come back to life slightly more often… with a different dynamic. It added some girly goodness to the past half of a decade, and a little something sugar & spice.

With that said, to all things girly.

I just love all of these pieces.

So much cute...

Beautiful shoes to stroll in are always a plus.

Girlfriends are the best ones to drive through Champagne with.

Do you do ?

Traveling entre filles.


I’m always in awe of the adorable cupcakes that Cat has in her shop, Sugar Daze. The buttercream is not only adorable and scrumptious, but delicious and creamy as can be. One of my favorite things about Cat’s cupcakes is that they are a) not top heavy and b) not too big. It’s the perfect size for a goûter, and getting two is totally doable for sweet tooths like myself.

I’m a huge fan of what she does, and just love popping in for a cupcake and a nice chat.

On a side note, the zebra wallpaper is also the best thing I’ve seen on a Parisian shop wall.

Need a cake or cupcakes for an occasion? Sugar Daze also does custom cakes that will match what you have in your dreams, if not go beyond. Not even kidding.

Sugar Daze
20, rue Henri Monnier, 75009
Métro: Pigalle (12/2), Saint Georges (12)


East Side Burgers is Paris’s first 100% vegetarian fast-food joint.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but Paris isn’t the best place for vegans and vegetarians. Obviously you can always order things without meat and whatnot, but what about places dedicated to this lifestyle?  I always felt like when I get asked about where to go if you’re a vegan, I never have much to say. Now I do and I’m stoked about it.

One doesn’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy a delicious veggie burger!

The way East Side works is simple: you queue up, choose your burger, drink, etc.  & make your order, have a seat, and they’ll call your name when your burger is ready.

East Side serves two or three different kinds of burgers a day. The day that Steph and I popped in, the choices were  their Fromager burger & their Basque burger. I went with the Basque, which had a basque style tofu patty, caramelized spicy pepper, tomato & cheddar cheese. It was so delicious, and the perfect size. Their fries were equally delicous and I was thrilled to have room in my belly for both and not feel overly full.

The basement cant seat about 20 people (according to their website) and the turnover is relatively quick. I got the feeling most people in the line were getting burgers to go, as after a 15 minute wait before ordering, we went downstairs to the dining room and half of the tables were open.

It gets better. They don’t just serve burgers. They had all of their desserts (cheesecake!) on display that was quite tempting. They also carry vegan quiches and cheese nuggets amongst other snacks. You can even just stop in for a hot dog.

East Side Burgers
60, boulevard Voltaire, 75011
Métro: Saint Ambroise (9)/Richard Lenoir (5)


I always love roaming the hoods of the 10th, especially after stopping by my favorite restaurant in Paris. The neighborhood around La Chapelle is filled with life. At times perhaps not the most comfortable to stroll for some, but if you have a chance to give it a wander, I highly suggest it. It’s filled with so much culture, and a different taste of Paris.

Olivia is passionate about India, and this neighborhood gave her a little taste of the culture she missed so much. Before heading over to the Lillet Rosé Launch Party, we popped in this market located right south of the exit of the metro stop La Chapelle. Ginger fest at its best.

I was going through these pictures and realized how full of color they are, and I just had to share them. This market’s shelves were organized with bright, beautiful packaging and Olivia fit in just right.

Who knew something as simple as someone grocery shopping could be so photogenic?

For more on Olivia’s travels to India, click here.

She also featured these images on her blog a few weeks ago, here.

If you’re curious about that epic necklace she’s rocking, -->check out her Etsy shop here -->.


I’m still in shock about how the Royal Gorge bridge in Cañon City, Colorado was destroyed by a wildfire in that area. Apparently the bridge was completely ruined. Crazy to think we were there only 7 days before that….

I just love these vintage style post cards. Better than the modern ones, that’s for sure!

Last night was a Yelp Elite party at a bobun heaven, Saï. I can’t wait to go through those photos!

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