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Rouen is just over an hour train ride northwest of Paris, on a map you just follow the Seine all the way up towards the English Channel and you’re bound to stumble across this adorable normande town. I have some fun memories of Rouen as it was the closest city to the town where I spent a year of high school. I remember taking the bus in with friends to go shopping, walk around, go clubbing, all those things adventurous teenagers do. Going back as an adult makes me realized that during those trips I unfortunately didn’t soak the beauty in… what a beauty Rouen is!

Rouen is the capital of Normandy, and you probably have heard about it’s gothic cathedral at some point or another, as impressionist Claude Monet painted a series of it in the late 19th century (psssst sometimes at night they project his paintings onto the facade of the actual cathedral). Its beautifully colorful maisons à colombage that line the streets, and there are many adorable passageways to be discovered. The pictures shared here are from a recent trip there with my mom.

CITIZEN // Coffee shop
CATHÉDRALE DE NOTRE DAME // Iconic cathedral
L’ESPLIGUETTE // French restaurant
// Antique store

Colorado is, in my eyes, one of the most beautiful places on the planet. The richness of the views in almost any direction, or climate, are breathtaking. Being home for the holidays was the perfect excuse to take it all in, and let my mind reminisce the simple times. It’s a funny feeling, being somewhere so familiar with your lover for whom, despite being several times, it will always be so new. Something as simple as driving unexpectedly down a certain street or passing a random food chain can ignite crazy memories of teenage shenanigans. I often think about my pre-teen and teenage life in the Rockies, and about all the things I did and experienced, and how its all shaped me to be the woman I am today. I also wonder sometimes what my life would be like had I never left for a year abroad in France when I was 16. Not that I have any regrets at all whatsoever, but sometimes I wonder what kind of woman I would have become.

I know, I know, I’ve been slacking. Haven’t posted since November, ouch. WELL, since November a lot has gone down. One of the highlights to top off a rather, well, odd year, was to have a stopover on our way to Denver for the holidays, in the one and only Reykjavík! Iceland has been on my list, but I can’t consider it checked off because I still want to go back and rent a car and explore, BUT Reykjavík was a hoot.

I drew my initial tips from Ashlae (thank you, girl!). What a neat town Reykjavík is. It’s charming and as many know, damn expensive. Imagine, they have to import like everything. Those iconic sweaters are not cheap! I do recommend sucking it up and going if you have the chance though.

With 2 nights and just about 36 hours, we were able to see more than all of Reykjavík. However, depending on the time of year you go, you’ll get more or less daylight. In mid-December, the sun came up around 11am and went down about 3pm, which was a bit hard to get used to, but charming nonetheless as we didn’t plan on venturing out of the city this [short] trip. We didn’t bother exchanging any Icelandic Krona, because we were told by friends that literally everywhere takes card, which was true.

The city center is about a 45-minute bus ride from the airport, and super easy to figure out and book (we went with FlyBus). Downtown almost reminded me of a mix between what I would assume to be a Nordic style and a mountain town: low colorful buildings with shops up and down the main drag with adorable signs hanging out the front. If you stroll along the street called Skólavörðustígur (good luck pronouncing that one), you’ll also get a rad view of the Hallgrimskirkja in the distance (that sort of apocalypic looking church), which, fun fact, was only built in 1986! If you go to the top of it, you can soak in a view of the colorful roofs of the city (no reservations needed in advanced, you just show up and buy tickets in the gift shop that is weirdly inside the church, and then wait in line to go up the elevator). My favorite part about Reykjavík was just the aimless wandering and stopping in places to eat and drink, and you’ll notice quickly there aren’t that many chains besides Subway and Dunkin’ Donuts downtown (although on the bus ride back to the airport, I was super excited to see a drive-thru Taco Bell). The restaurant scene seemed just charming and cozy, with great decor and furniture and healthy meal options (very vegetarian and vegan friendly!). And yes we found local craft beer.

Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur // Hot dog stand
// Café & Restaurant
Geysir // Dreamy local shop where you’ll want to buy everything
Reykjavík Roasters // Coffee shop
// Bakery, great for lunch
// Craft beer & good vibes

Until next time, Iceland!

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Copenhagen, what a rad city. I’ve already got it in my head that I need to go back with a day dedicated just to the Tivoli Gardens. Charm, local craft beer, deliciously crafted cocktails, design reputation… Copenhagen has it all! I knew from the start I’d like it due to the presence of Mikkeller, Hay and Tiger (3 very dangerous elements for me), and the hot dogs everyone was raving about made it EVEN better.

If you’re going for just a weekend, I’d suggest staying in the smack-dab center, in Nørrebro or in Vesterbro, although if you’re slightly outwards from the city center, the rentable city bikes are so easy to sign up for and also are electric with tablets and GPS. Oh, magical Scandinavia…

Central Hotel & Café // Pinterest-worthy café and hotel with 1 room
Copenhagen Streetfood // Food hall
Døp – den økologiske pølsemand // Hot dog stand
Jægersborggade // Street filled with shops and cafés cute AF
Karamelleriet // Sweet shop
Lidkoeb // Cocktail bar
Manfreds // Trendy spot great for dinner
Mikkeller & Friends // Craft beer bar
Mother // Pizza place recommended by someone I totally trust
Neighborhood // Organic pizzeria & cocktail palace
Nyhavn // Touristy but photogenic canal
Ruby // Dapper cocktail bar
Warpigs // Brewpub

Chronicles of this trip are also

At the end of April I headed West to Chicago for a little family shin-dig, we were surprising my grandpa. Sidenote, I was born in Chicago and my dad is from there, but I had never been there as an adult to visit. Gosh, I loved the city so so much. Plus, in all honesty there are few things better than a Chicago style hot dog.

After 4 days in the Chicago ‘burbs with the , the flew in from the Rockies for 3 days of fun. We stayed in a great little AirBnb near Logan Square, and roaming the different neighborhoods was a real treat. I like how spread out Chicago is, I like the two-story buildings, the wide streets, the street art and all-around industrial feel. We saw the main sites: Millennium Park and the Bean, the Loop…. We had an insane dinner date at Frontera Grill (THE GUAC BTW…) followed by cocktails at Three Dots and A Dash. We had coffee and savory breakfast biscuits and tacos and beer and ice cream and it was all just fantastic. It was three days of grub and catch up, and I honestly can’t wait to go back to Chi-town.

Bang Bang // Breakfast spot, biscuits & pie
Barrelhouse Flat // Cocktail lounge
Big Star Tacos // Taquería
Billy Goat Tavern // Iconic restaurant
Frontera Grill // Mexican Restaurant (reservations needed!)
Goose Island Brewing Co. // Brewry & Tap room
Half Acre Beer Company // Brewery & Tap room
Hopeleaf // Restaurant with extensive beer list
Lula Café // Breakfast spot, Café & Restaurant
Map Room // Pub
Piece // Pizzeria & Brewery
Three Dots & A Dash // Tiki bar

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