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My summer was slightly earlier than the “normal” French summer. Louis and I went to Hawaii during our trip to Colorado in early June. It was magic. I hadn’t been since I was younger, and never realized really how much I appreciate the ocean. Growing up in the mountains turquoise endless waters aren’t really our only idea of beauty and relaxation… and honestly I had forgotten how magical it is to be at a beach.

This beach that we discovered is called Sandy Beach, around the way from Koko Crator. It was calm on the sandy side, but with rigorous humongous waves crashing before our eyes. I guess I’d say that it was a more rugged patch to swim in, but that was intimidatingly refreshing. It was ironically a more secluded beach, even being just off a road that goes all the way around Oahu.

I still dream of wandering that island some more.


It doesn’t really get much better than this.

Coming from Colorado, I never was exposed to the glory of seafood or the sea in general.

Since I’ve arrived in France, I’ve had a beautiful awakening to the beauty of the sea and the creatures of the sea. At Ile Tudy I tried a variety of seafood. It is an interesting feeling being next to a large body of water. Especially the Atlantic, I found. Water sort of scares me in general, not going to lie. It’s so powerful. And right on the other side of this body of water is the states. We were lucky to catch the good weather (especially for Brittany) so the sun glimmered on the water into the evening hours where a beautiful sunset took place each night. I can only imagine the wonders of this place in the summertime.