Oh, a few pictures from a place that makes me very happy.

I’ve lost track of time this week, so no precise thoughts to share on here today… Getting home after work is a battle as it seems like the cat’s only current interest is to eat my plants. I’m contemplating a long term solution, as I lay around with the windows open to get the chilly summer breeze that only midnight can allow in the canicule. But boy, is it a luxury to have a place to go on the weekends where you can actually see the stars. Jefferson is really warming up to the place.


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  1. Maria #
    July 24, 2015

    Meg!!! What an awesome post. I can’t wait to hug Jefferson when I come to Paris in August. I am sure he makes up for all his betises with his cuddles and kisses and immense cuteness! Bisous to you and Louis. Miss you


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