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I’ve always felt so strongly about what I surround myself with at home. I care about the space in which I live, and want it to be filled with snippets of my personality, hobbies and dreams and reflect who I am.

After two amazing weeks home in Denver, it is refreshing to be back at home with all of my stuff. And of course it’s so fun to integrate all of my new little treasures into the mix of my little nid. Do you feel that way sometimes? The need to be around your things? It’s a weird feeling, isn’t it? Human’s ability to accumulate things and be so attached to them.

You can find some more pictures of Louis and I’s doll house here. I just love changing around trinkets and things to give a new spin to the eye every now and again. Some would call me crazy.

If you’re wondering who that cutie is on my couch in the fab boots, click here.