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Off-roading in Bali

One somewhat rainy afternoon, pops and I took a car ride around and to the center of the island. The itty bitty streets and speedy turns alongside jungle hills made us quite nervous, but we saw all that we could see: from scenic rice fields to baby elephants roaming the elephant park up and around Ubud. Seeing the elephants was one of my favorite parts of this trip… they are such beautiful creatures and these guys had quite the personalities!

Ubud has the most charming streets with shops, vendors and restaurants in the middle of the island surrounded by trees, hills and astonishing views.. It is the art hub and is known for its fine art, dance and music.

On the way back down to Kuta  we stopped by the Tanah Lot Temple, on the western coast of the island. This hindu temple sits on a big rock just off shore of the land. Although you have to walk through a mall of clustered touristy souvenir shops before arriving at the stunning view of the off-shore temple, it is well worth the trek!

There are so many beautiful things to see in Bali… we didn’t get a chance to do them all, but it gives a reason to have to come back. Next time we plan to climb the volcanoes and see the northern part of the island…. just not in the rainy season.

It’s still winter. Are you keeping warm? Paris is so gosh darn charming in the winter. I mean, in Spring too…. Heck, all the time! But these cold isolated buildings really caught my eye with the gray sky.

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Stroll through one of Paris’s best kept secrets… the 19th.

Have you seen these adorable bow-ties by Forage?

Brilliantly perfect jewelry by Kaye Belgvad.

Quick & Easy Snacks….! As-tu faim?

Winter calls for soup… This potato one looks delish.

Laura‘s new precious poodle sketches.

A post about being girls by Miss Making Magique….

Jasmine‘s visit to the Musée Méchanique made me want to go back to SF!

I really want to make some of these

Anne‘s latest project is officially launched: Wayfare Mag!

Getting Cozy on at the Comptoir Général

Where do you go that you know will always be cozy?

This place sure does guarantee coziness! I discovered it when Sugar Daze organized Cupcake Camp II in Paris. Boy is it a keeper!

It is wonderful for organized events, but on the weekends you can pop in for a coffee, tea, or even a bowl of delicious soup. Don’t forget to admire the canal Saint Martin before or after your cozy rendez-vous, it’s one of the most charming and hoppin’ parts of Paris. In the spring it’s a little part of Parisian paradise…

Le Comptoir Général
80, Quai de Jemmapes, 75010
Métro: République


A Sunday Spin at the Brocante

On one ordinary Sunday, my neighborhood had a brocante. Louis and I went to take a spin at all the precious trinkets they had to offer (yes, this is the brocante where I found my rotary phone). It was a small brocante, but was packed with so many lovely things.

Roaming these things is one of my favorite things to do. To find out more about different weekend brocantes, click here.

Hope you had a happy weekend!


Strolling in the 19th – Part 1

Paris’s 19th district I feel is sometimes misunderstood. It’s a big district, so this is split into two parts. Part one is the Eastern 19th. (Western 19th will come later on)

The 19th arrondissement is the home of Place des Fêtes, Jourdain, the Quartier d’Amérique and La Villette as well as many other unique- and sometimes forgotten- places. In case you’re a bit unsure of where the 19th is, it spans the northeastern Parisian limits. It is such a charming and different area. I started to fall in love with it while roaming around. It almost feels untouched by the cliché mob of tourism that often takes over Paris.

The whole adventure started with a view looking down on Paris through rue de Belleville from Pyrénées (line 11), where Annie and I met up one cold and rainy Saturday. From there we wandered north on rue de Bellville into the midst of the 19th’s treasures. Once we got up by Télégraphe we went due north on Rue du Docteur Potain to find the Mouzaïa Villas that are hidden up by the périph behind Place des Fêtes. Sure enough, heading eastwards on Rue de Mouzaïa brings you right to the bottom of the most precious streets packed with pastel-coloured duplexes on both sides. It was so incredibly picturesque. Ever so kindly, a man saw us awing over the adorableness of the houses and he chatted about the area and how pleasant it was to live there- and of course full of history. I would love to have a neighbor like him! I have had issues finding information on Le Quartier d’Amérique’s history, but all I can say is is that it has the most interesting yet flawless combination of architecture.

From the villas we looped around between the towers to Place des Fêtes, which that particular Saturday had an antique market/garage sale. It was busy and exciting as everyone was out and about. From here, you’d only be a short walk to Parc Butte Chaumont, which I find to be one of Paris’s best kept secrets. Of course the 19th reaches Paris’s limits at Parc de la Villette as well, which is whole other ballgame of adventures. (You’ll see both of these places in Part 2!)

While roaming this area,  I felt as if I was not in Paris for a short second… but then I realized that maybe people have an incorrect vision or cliché expectation of the city as a whole. Paris is a puzzle of unique and diverse sectors. Each arrondissement has it’s own little twist. Sometimes you’ve got to branch out from the center to experience it all.

. . . . .

Some random suggestions in the 19th:

Aux Bons Amis – Bar/Restaurant – Belleville

BarOurcq – Bar – Laumière

Butte Chaumont – Park – Laumière

Cabaret Sauvage – Concert Venue – Porte de Pantin

L’heure Bleue – Restaurant – Botzaris

La Faitout – Snack – Belleville

La Géode – Cinéma – Corentin Cariou

La Rotonde – Bar/Venue – Place Stalingrad

Le 104 – Art Center/Venue – Crimée

– Bar – Pré Saint Gervais

Les 400 Coups – Restaurant/Bar – Jourdain

Rosa Bonheur – Restaurant/Guinguette – Botzaris

Zoé Bouillon – Restaurant – Butte Chaumont

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