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Yelp Gets Dirty @ Dirty Dick

Yelp Paris’s most recent Elite Event was at one of my all time favorite bars in Paris, Dirty Dick. This bar reminds me of my favorite bar in Denver, Adrift. I’m so glad to have a tiki getaway here in Paris. Silly, am I?

Dirty Dick is a tiki bar in the Pigalle neighborhood, run by a cocktail wizard from Los Angeles. The bar is open every evening and has a wide variety of cocktails to match whatever you’re dreaming of on your Hawaiian holiday to yummy beers. The bar carries some bottled Rogue ale beer, which has a mean IPA or two.

When you walk in, you’ll feel like you’re in that Hawaii episode of Mad Men…. or those episodes where the Brady’s were in Hawaii on holiday….I mean, I felt that way at least! It’s fantastic! The decoration is impeccable and classy, rather dark with red and blue lights that light up the palm tree carpet and totem poles. The bar is lined with bamboo-like barstools, and little cocktail umbrellas are every which way. Volcano punch bowls for collective cocktails? Yes, these exist, and they are at Dirty Dicks.

On this late Sunday afternoon, yelpers gathered from around the city of lights to enjoy cocktails, beachy tunes and delicious grub from . We were in a tiki dream filled with summer grooves and Hawaiian shirts. It was magic.

Mai Tai’s, Piña Coladas and chia crackers +pudding…. it was an evening of down to earth, relaxing indulgence.


Thanks again, Yelp Paris, for such a smashing evening! And also many thanks to Dirty Dick for hosting, and Paris Superfood for the deliciously super duper supergrub.

To see more pictures from the event, check out Yelp’s Flickr.

Dirty Dick
10 Rue Frochot, 75009
Métro: Pigalle (12 & 2)