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I just love the Passy metro stop.

In the winter it really has en eery feeling, and so gray. Something about how symmetrical it is I find to be so interesting. Have you been for a stroll here?

It’s still so chilly here in the city of lights. But these strolls make the cold worth the stroll. And something about those foggy skies I just love.

Hope you’re staying warm.


There’s a new cream puff haven in the city of lights.

Odette opened only about a month ago (January 2013) on the left bank of Paris. Haleigh told me about this place, and I’m so glad we checked it out together this weekend.

The ground floor of Odette is where you order your cream puffs and bevvies. If you choose to eat them there, you can pop a squat on the 1st floor à la française where they will bring you your cream puffs on the most precious vintage trays.

The decoration is very simple and elegant, with very traditional French touches: read leather chairs and round tables with bench seating along the wall. The floors are black and white checkers. So lovely. So quaint.

The window from the first floor has a magical view of Notre Dame.

The cream puffs are assorted so nicely, with all of the traditional flavors. They are so scrumptious and full of flavor. Much to my surprise they are quite filling for being so petit and dainty. Haleigh and I did go choux-crazy and decided to make our way to cream puff heaven, trying every flavor that Odette had to offer. I don’t want to tell the flavors because I think they are so fun to guess.

Odette is the owner’s, Frédéric, grandmother. These choux à la crème are her traditional recipe. I think that is so sweet.

77, rue Galande
Paris 75005
Métro: Cluny La Sorbonne (10)


Making the most of limited footage. I totally thought I took more video than I actually did. This video showcases what I did take, with one of my favorite songs.

p.s. Due to the lack of footage… and most of it being of delicious Colorado craft beers…. my apologies for making it seem like all I did was taste beer when I was home for the holidays. Which is not entirely false, but still.

p.p.s. Missing you so much, all of my Denverites.


Sometimes it’s nice to stay in on a Saturday night and chat with a good friend across the ocean. And doing this on a rotary phone makes it even more exciting. (I got the rotary phone at brocante last year)

I’m addicted to tea parties.

I went to the Marché Couvert de Batignolles for the first time this week with Olivia. Boy was it lovely.



She’s Australian. He’s French. Their little planet of an appartment in Paris’s Batignolles neighborhood is filled with inspiration from everything in between.

I just love Olivia and her beau’s little nest. It’s always warm and cozy and filled with good vibes. As I am a huge trinket and things fan, I couldn’t resist snapping a few photos to share here with you guys on the blog for some inspiration.

O & J love traveling, and their place reflects this so precisely with trinkets and this & that’s from Asia as well as textiles from trips to Istanbul and India. They mix this style oh so perfectly with modern textiles: it’s the perfect fusion. It’s got an ethnic spunk with the perfect mix of modern Western.

One of Olivia’s biggest passions is tea, and she’s got probably around 40 different teas from all over the world in canisters that sit on her shelf. As she’s a T2 alumni, faites attention, she knows her tea.

From what I can tell, Olivia and I have a similar obsession with framing things. She’s got a corner filled with frames. The various sizes of words and moments are framed on the walls and constantly remind everyone of the beauty in the world.

She mentioned she will be featuring this in the near future on her blog, so stay tuned.

Who knew that by adding a bit of ginger, cardamon, nutmeg, brown sugar, orange peel & cinnamon would be the perfect addition to coffee when using a moka pot?! I had no idea, and now I want to make it all the time because it was so delicious.

It’s important to love where you live and feel truly at home when you are in the space you’ve deemed as your own. I am always so interested in the spaces people surround themselves in. You can tell a lot about a person by their things. A lot of my obsessions I inherited from my mother.

It’s like when you see something that reminds you of someone and you’re like, “Oh my gosh, that is SO so-and-so!”. What is it that makes us think of that person? What is it that makes us think that a certain thing or style or idea is like someone we know or think we know? Or that that person would like this thing in question? I personally like that. It makes me feel like I understand someone a bit better, and notice the little things that make them, well, them.

A special thank you to O & J for letting me snap some shots in your adorable nest.

I think this type of post could become a regular thing on here. What do you think?

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