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Throughout the past months, I featured some pretty snazzy interiors… a series I look forward to continuing with my obsession of the spaces people surround themselves in.

This space is my mom’s little treasure. Her own studio where she does her artwork. Growing up we’ve always had an art room in our house, where mom would teach us tricks of the trade and we’d get to watch her do what she loves and we’d paint and sketch and sculpt…. but now that we’re older, her studio is her space for only her, where she draws inspiration and creates beauty. Gosh I am grateful to have grown up in such a creative environment!

My mom’s main creative choice is pastels, and an artist just like her mother. Her style, however, is different from that of my grandmother’s. She refers to herself as a modernist. Her specialty is painting old trucks and Colorado landscapes. My mom enjoys Plein Air, in places like Santa Fe or Taos, where she’ll be outside in a field doing pastels of the landscape. How peaceful does that sound?

Her space is so her. The studio houses all of the little things she loves: bright pastels and a vintage aisle, trinkets from Sante Fe and Native American tribes amongst other special things. This is her place of peace, and her place of inspiration. It’s so heartwarming to go home and rediscover all of her favorite things, and her decoration style. Everything on the shelves I know by heart, and knew where they were placed in previous houses. It’s funny how some things stay vivid in the memory.