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Moveable Feasts

How do you do YOUR Thanksgiving?
What follows? A brief documentation of previous feasts.
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Heaven on the Stateside: Part 2

Broadway has hit Galeries Lafayette

…. and it’s heavenly.


Heaven on the Stateside: Part 1

So, being in the states after a year of being in France is um, well, refreshing. And heavenly. I want to eat everything. Two instances in a grocery store where I say, “I love America…” just concerning the friendly people or smiles. People who overhear what I’m looking for while talking to my dad and kindly point out the way to go… WTF SO NICE JESUS CHRIST. I was in heaven. All stocked up, after 24 hours. And now, some images to make your mouth water concerning my first 24 hours back in heaven (when American grocery stores and restaurants are concerned…)

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