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One autumn Sunday, Olivia and Elif made Audrey and I a Turkish breakast.

I will admit, I had never had a Turkish breakfast before…. I was in for a surprise! The girls went all out and got the needed goods at a Turkish shop near Strasbourg Saint Denis. The eggs were made with cheese, tomatoes and turkish peppers and were just to die for. Along with our eggs we snacked on a platter of cheese, olives, nuts and more peppers. Lastly, as a side, Olivia made a spinach and pear salad with walnuts and a dash of pomegranate dressing.

It was so simple yet so delicious, and Audrey’s cat made for a lot of oohing and ahhing throughout the early afternoon. I’m not sure there is much better than a relaxing Sunday with a delicious meal amongst girls in a cozy apartment. That breakfast made me feel quite far from Paris.

You can see Olivia’s post on this breakfast here.


One of PUR FOOD PARIS‘s premium and innovative products available in Paris are from the Cold Hand Winery. Denmark’s Cold Hand Winery started in 2010 by Jens, a wine aficionado and fruit wine maker, and Flemming, one of Denmark’s best apple and fruit producers.

Inspired by a family history of wine making, apple growing, heaps of passion, and a dream to make some of the best fruit wines in Denmark, Cold Hand has started to make their dream become reality as many of their products have now won awards at various fruit wine competitions in the UK and in Denmark. Their latest title, for one of their latest experiments with sour dark cherries, was named the “best fruit wine in Denmark”.

On a chilly autumn night this past week at the oldest bar in Paris, Le Forvm and PÜR FOOD PARIS co-hosted the official launch of Cold Hand Winery: Les Vikings Debarquent. This Vikings-themed soirée was about introducing the Cold Hand Winery to the elite clients of Le Forvm in a convivial atmosphere, with a guest-star bartender, the world’s 17th best barman, Hasse Bank Johansen. Hasse competed with his Cold Hand Winery cocktails crafted from his bar, St Paul’s Apothek in Aarhus, Denmark, against two of Le Forvum’s top French barmen, Vincent and Germain, crafting Cold Hand cocktails with Le Forvm’s style and refined selection at the heart. The night was indeed a mixology show, with a a custom cocktail menu consisting of 10 unique opportunities to discover the incredible Cold Hand fruit wines.

The cocktail menu had a little something for everyone’s taste: sweet to sour, and unique combinations (dried fig? Yes please!). Their products, each made from Danish fruits, were the main ingredients in the cocktails of the soirée:

  • Malus X Masculine & Feminam, made from Ingrid Marie & Karin Schneider apples & housemade eau de vie
  • Ribes Nigrum, made from tart blackcurrants
  • Prunus Rosa, made from pure blue prunes
  • Pyrus X, made from 5 types of pears and housemade eau de vie
  • Prunus Nigra, made from acidic black cherries

I personally loved the “Malus X Old Fashioned”… it was the perfect classic bitter cocktail with a sweet twist thanks to Cold Hand’s Malus Masculine X fruit wine.

As for the homies’ favorites: Ana Clara adored the “Long-Stress Reliever” (a delectable mix of sweet and sour, with shaved carrots on top served in a beautiful crystal glass.), Sam enjoyed the “Lowball/Old Fashioned”, and Yann-Yves had the “Euphoric Enhancer” first (served in the most charming cocktail glass). Olivia and Audrey went all out with the “Millionaire” cocktail, suggested by Hasse as the cocktail to end the night (served in a cold glass smothered in cocoa).

Carrying on with the Viking-theme, PÜR FOOD PARIS spoiled us with delicious and exclusive products like the Ren Lyx pure, cold-smoked and dried reindeer meat, Hansen-Lydersen’s hand-salted and hand-turned perfectly smoked salmon, a very special and exclusive caviar– the Bottenvikens Löjrom, and some of Denmark’s artisanal cheeses that were made to go with Jens and Flemming’s fruitwines. The Nordic-themed evening showcased some of the innovative and excellent products PÜR FOOD PARIS is introducing here in Paris in exclusivity, but also across Europe- with passionate stories and products of incredible quality.

If you are eager to taste what the hype is about, Cold Hand Winery products are exclusively available at Le Forvm in Paris, or for other information, with PÜR FOOD PARIS as the exclusive EU distributors.

For more information on Cold Hand Winery, or any of the products featured, please contact PÜR FOOD PARIS at .

Le Forvm
3, boulevard des Malheserbes, Paris 75008
Métro: Madeleine (8, 12, 14)


To celebrate the four years of documentation on her blog, Prête-Moi Paris, Melissa had a little celebration in her Parisian nest.

The evening showcased 5 brands: Sugar Daze Bake Shop, Mon Champagne, Kasia Dietz Handbags,  and Vintage Galerie.

Amongst many familiar faces, I also had the opportunity to meet a few other Parisian bloggers who I had never met prior- off of the digital sphere.

The soirée had pink festivities galore, with precious snacks and girly goodness.


While home in Evergreen, Louis and I went on a date at a place where my parents would go dancing in the 70’s, The Little Bear Saloon.

It was the perfect gloomy summer evening, and we headed over for some pizza, pints & rock ‘n roll. I couldn’t think of a better place to go on a date.

I loved the idea of being in a space that my parents hung out in when they were younger and just starting to date.

The Little Bear saloon was and still is a hoppin’ space for listening to live local rock groups while sipping various pints while enjoying a Western atmosphere. The wooden bar is covered in carvings of names and notes, the walls covered with flags and street signs and license plates. It’s fantastic.

Little Bear Saloon
28075 Highway 74
Evergreen, CO 80439


Sometimes a summer in New York with besties is all one really needs. I certainly miss some people there constantly, and a few of the treats, too.

I found myself daydreaming today about my summer in New York in 2011. It seems like it was only yesterday…. Iced coffees on the way to work, cupcakes galore, bricks of different colors and rusty fire escapes. It was a summer filled with the best company, discovering somewhere new.

Looks like I need to make a trip back to visit…

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