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Every summer since 2009, bike lover Parisians get together dressed up as if it was really la belle époque and go for a ride from a Paris destination to the Bois de Vincennes (humongo picnic destination on the long grass where you feel far far away from a city). It’s just spot on. Red lipstick, curls, long skirts and brogues, flat-top hats, mustaches and suspenders… these Parisians know what they’re doing.

This year, I was so thrilled to be in town for the picnic, as I always had LLB’s coverage of the event in mind. The summer heat has finally arrived, so heading down to south eastern Paris was the perfect excuse to soak up sun sun with some lovelies. It was absolutely adorable to see everyone all dressed up, with or without their vélos. I will admit that I’ve been really good about biking everywhere, so I was so pumped to actually be a part of the ride from République to Bois de Vincennes… but after extensive biking in the canicule Friday and Saturday, my legs simply couldn’t take it to literally go to the polar opposite end of my little Asniérois nest. Oopsie daisy. Perhaps next year, with a groovy basket and ensemble and baguettes all over the place.

Magical company of Lauren, Ylenia and Flo, Lali, Rachelle, Gemma, Emily and Sophie.

Ride Béret Baguette on their .


I had the pleasure of meeting Lou for the first time at this snazzy little joint, right in front of the Gare de Lyon. It’s a bar that looks like any other, a brasserie, filled with beer lovers, hungry people or people waiting for someone special at the train station. However, L’Express de Lyon isn’t just like every other brasserie… they’ve got heaps of delicious beer on tap.

We gave many a try, going from light to dark, and I just wanted to try them all. Alas, we were reasonable! As for the beers on draft, there are some that are more and more common to find in France, like Rogue, was on the list at L’Express amongst various other European beers (Belgian, French, Danish…). I was particularly excited to discover the Brasserie, a microbrewery in Bagnolet (Eastern Paris) and their American Pale Ale, Home, this evening, which was refreshing and delicious with just the right amount of smooth. We gave Mikkeller’s Wheat is the New Hops a whirl, which was mighty tasty, and some of the Rogues: Hazelnut Brown Nectar and the Double Chocolate Stout (the kind of beer I always find myself savoring for the end).

I have a lot more to learn, but I am loving discovering some of the French and Ile de France breweries these past few weeks. More adventures to come, and stay tuned for my homebrew adventures.

L’Express de Lyon
1 Rue de Lyon, 75012
Métro: Gare de Lyon (1, 14)


I’ve always loved carnivals and amusement parks. The old fashioned ones always sparked a little bit of excitement in me…I loved admiring the colors and shapes and fonts of the signs and attractions. I loved the simple round lights that flashed with fluorescent colors. I lived for summer nights at Lakeside outside of Denver, and was so excitde to stroll the pier at Coney Island. The atmosphere makes me happy, and I’m not sure I can explain why.

During the recent long weekend, I had the opportunity to discover a magical place with my fabulous friend to discover just that: Le Musée des Arts Forains.

What is this magical place, you ask? It’s a museum that consists of a private collection of funfair objects that date from 1850 to 1950. Yup, vintage amusement park goodness, right behind the Bercy Pavilions in the 12th district of Paris. The museum is set up in several parts, with a variation of rides, games and decor filling up the spaces. The lights are perfectly set on the attractions with feathers and colors of the rainbox, and the music that plays while they are switched on will make you feel like you’re in an old movie and a carnival with the other nobles of the town. The tour guide not only explained the origins, context and secrets of the different attractions, but also let us ride some them.

Feathers, organs and elephants with hot air balloons galore,  this museum offers whimsical adventure through the world of the carnival.

You can visit the museum by signing up in advanced for a guided tour. There are a few private tours a week, and annually the museum hosts an open house where anyone can come and discover Jean-Paul Favand’s carnival collection. The space is also rentable for private events… how dreamy is that?

This museum is a staple in my Paris Guide.

Musée des Arts Forains
53 Avenue des Terroirs de France, 75012
Métro: Cour Saint Emillion (14)


This weekend I headed over to the border Paris’s eastern forest, the Bois de Vincennes, for a special birthday celebration picnic for Lalaina. The meeting spot was right by the Lac Daumesnil, and the sun was shining bright with a little breeze. We parked beneath the trees in the most perfect picnic spot.

Aside from being one of the most adorable people I’ve ever met, Lali is also a big yelper and foodie gal here in Paris. She’s got a knack for all things adorable, which you will be able to tell by the photos in the below. Decorations, quilts, cakes, sandwich flags, you name it. This was the girliest most adorable picnic at that park that day.

It was lovely to see some familiar faces, and also to make acquaintance with some new ones…. Not to mention trying her Uncle’s Madagascan samosas, HOLY MOLY were those delicious. Lemonade is the icing on top of any picnic.

Happy Birthday, Lali! Cheers to you!


Often I feel like when I’ve got a day off, I squeeze in more and am ultimately more productive. Do you ever feel this way? The day always seems a bit brighter than just a normal weekend day. It’s funny, isn’t it?


When you’ve got a day to share with someone, it makes it even more exciting. Steph and I hit up the 12th to check out Sandy’s Cupcakes, and made a few stops along the way. The sun came in and out of the clouds and when it was hiding we would slide into a café like Le Rouge Limé to stay warm (yes, remember how in May it was freezing cold most of the time?).

It’s funny, since now it’s really hot in Paris, I’m thinking of those cooler days and I say to myself, boy, those were nice. Sometimes all one needs is a little breeze.

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