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Breakfast is tough in Paris. Le sigh. They’ve got their boulangeries down pat, with a wealth of choices at the break of dawn…and I’m definitely not saying I don’t adore those, but what about sit in breakfast places, with savory or sweet? Somewhere that doesn’t just care about being cool that is just open early with yummy food for a quick pop in before work? After breakfasts out in the states over Christmas break, I realized how much Paris is lacking something in that area. Perhaps my American needs are too much for the Parisians. No but really. There are honestly only a handful of places where you can dine in get something other than a croissant before work in this town! Not to mention that ironically the new stuff opening is all in one area (cough, 11th) so unless you live or work in the 11th, it’s not worth the trek for that pre-work treat and espresso outing. I don’t want a 24euro too-huge-to-finish-brunch. I just want eggs or a breakfast burrito!

One thing that is nice though, is that there is always room at Ladurée. I’m not one who splurges often on things like macaroons (although, I do adore them!), but a simple breakfast at Ladurée is always cozy and spot on: 2 fried eggs, delicious tea, or french toast if you’re feeing crazy… (Just to be clear, don’t worry, their fried eggs don’t cost as much as their pastries). Plus, I’ve always been a fan of the boho chic and vintage atmosphere of Ladurée, topped with its pastel paneled teacups and silver teapots. Darling Hana met me at the Ladurée on the Champs for a breakfast one chilly morning. It was the perfect setting for a girly catch up. There’s always that perfect table for two if you’re going on a weekday before work.

If anyone knows anything about the coming of age of Parisian breakfast, do fill me in. Until then, excuse the quick rant, I’ll stick to my handful of spots that I know for sure has eggs or a yummy treat and that won’t be packed with people with beards in the AM with a huge wait. Still waiting on a legit bagel place.


Olivia from Cleopatra’s Bling taught me how to make a mean Turkish Coffee once upon a time.

I sure am anxious to go visit her in Istanbul next weekend and drink my weight in Turkish coffee. If you have any recommendations on the city, do share!


Café de Flore is one of Paris’s staple Parisian cafés. That’s a mouthful, but it’s true. Café de Flore has marked the streets of Saint Germain with it’s art deco wonders, notable passerbys and their extremely expensive expresso. Despite its regulars of l’époque,  Café de Flore has maintained a popularity contest with the also renowned  Les Deux Magots that is only a few steps over. Café de Flore’s employees are the type of waiters that are featured in old Disney movies and in vintage games or cartoons: the older Parisians with white and black suits and the tray basically glued to their hand. This does not mean they are friendly, but rather snobby in the “still awesomely Parisian” kind of way. If you’re looking for a spot with speedy service where you can sit for a while, this may not be your pick on a weekend. However, it’s worth the over priced expresso and cake served on a beautiful little platter with branded porcelain. Perfect for a session of people watching on their beautifully art deco terrace, or a little catch up with a friend.

Café de Flore
172 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75006
Métro: Saint Germain des Prés (4)


Sometimes a cupcake is just what you need on a cold winter day. Sugar Daze is the perfect place for that. Olivia and I go sometimes to indulge in the deliciously moist cupcakes that Cat has to offer. It’s a little getaway, we can chit chat and flip through magazines with a cup of tea. I stepped out of the box this time and tried a new flavor, as I usually go with barbe à papa. The cherry on top is that Sugar Daze also now has several new flavors on the shelf.

A little sweet tooth is never a bad thing, right?

I’m not a cupcake addict, I swear. I’m a Sugar Daze addict. It’s comforting being a regular, wouldn’t you say?

Don’t forget to check out more of Sugar Daze on the blog and to run by the shop to cure your own sweet tooth.


With this winter cold, a warm cup of tea does just the thing.

Have you seen all the adorable tea party goodness on ?

Need some tips on making a good chai?

I just love this mint sweater.

This place looks fabulous for snacks and tea.

One of my favorite spots for an afternoon tea is Colorova.

Dying to go back to Amsterdam just to go to this place.

Tea parties out are great… so are tea parties at home.

Where do you like to sip tea and stay cozy in the winter?

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