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For those of you that have seen the movie Taken, rue de Paradis in Paris’s 10th district is where all the bad stuff happens. Well, in real life, it’s actually a pretty snazzy street with some nice restaurants and bars. Ok, so I get that it’s not the BEST neighborhood at night and all, but for Parisians, let’s be honest, it’s a hotspot. The whole Strasbourg Saint Denis area with its weird pockets of sketch but still awesome places to go out… it’s like a big melting pot. And rue de Paradis has a bar I happen to really like: L’Ours, or The Bear.

L’Ours after work is crowded. But if you stick it out just for a little bit, it’ll calm down. If you’re hoping to catch up with a friend, you’ll want to grab a seat so the crowdedness won’t affect you. Anne and I made our way there one evening ever so slightly beating the afterwork crowd.

I was distracted by the adorable wallpaper, but l’Ours has got far more to offer than just a well-decorated cozy space.. they’ve got a killer happy hour and as equally killer meat and cheese platter (as seen above). It’s also a rare find to have super kind bar staff, so L’Ours has many many stars in my book.

8 Rue de Paradis, 75010
Métro: Château d’Eau (4)


Ever since discovering Lillet Rosé at their launch party in Paris last fall, I have fallen hard for their cocktails. Lillet Rosé is a refreshing beverage with a bit more punch than your classic wine – it is what they call an aperitif wine – equally delightful when it’s on the rocks with a slice of orange or mixed in with other flavors and liquors to make for a fantastically crafted and peachy colored cocktail.

With Olivia on a Friday night in, we decided to add a few of our favorite things and make our own little fruity cocktail inspired by one of the classic Lillet Rosé cocktails.

We probably should have put the ice cubes in the mixer and the fruit afterwards, but hey, it’s all about learning! Also, add the tonic water at the very end for better results. Enjoy!


To see more video collaborations with Cleopatra’s Bling, click here.


Sometimes a little cocktail on a week night does the soul good. If you’re looking for a place to get a delicious cocktail in a sublime atmosphere, I’ve got the place for you: The Club.

I discovered The Club a little over a year ago (shown previously here), and I must say, it is one of my favorite spots in Paris. The atmosphere is uncomparable – so tasteful – and boy are the guys that run it kind! They’ve even got some delicious bottled beers hidden in their black Smeg, including a personal Colorado favorite, Blue Moon!

I usually go for the Old Fashioned.

The Club
24, rue Surcouf, 75007
Métro: La Tour Maubourg (8) / Invalides (8,13)


One of Denver’s treasures is the ever so flappy Cruise Room. The Cruise Room is one of my step dad’s favorite places, and is the favorite for a lemon drop martini. With the fam we turned back in time one summer night, to this wonderfully 30s bar hidden inside the Oxford Hotel, for a cocktail and some good tunes.

The bar itself is claimed to be Denver’s first bar, opening after the repeal of the Prohibition in 1933. Believe it or not, it remains untouched, with its original art deco fabulously vintage decor. The lights, the walls, the glasses and the neon lights, the whole feel of being in the Cruise Room made me feel like I was in a 1930’s movie, out on the town.

Not to mention there is an actual jukebox.

The Cruise Room
1600 17th St. Denver, CO 80202


Once upon a time when I lived in the Oberkampf area, this bar was one of my favorite places to go for Happy Hour. It still is today, even with a little bit of a treck.

Not only is the interior just the best and basically a knick-knack heaven at Le Kitch, but their cocktails have spunky fresh names. Even when not there for Happy Hour, and their drinks are very reasonably priced, and was a core spot while on my student budget when I first arrived in Paris.

I’d like to also add that this is the sacred location of the green nom nom cocktail that is named after Shrek. I’m not sure you can get much more awesome than that. So, obviously, when miss Rachel was in town, this was on our hit list.

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