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One autumn Sunday, Olivia and Elif made Audrey and I a Turkish breakast.

I will admit, I had never had a Turkish breakfast before…. I was in for a surprise! The girls went all out and got the needed goods at a Turkish shop near Strasbourg Saint Denis. The eggs were made with cheese, tomatoes and turkish peppers and were just to die for. Along with our eggs we snacked on a platter of cheese, olives, nuts and more peppers. Lastly, as a side, Olivia made a spinach and pear salad with walnuts and a dash of pomegranate dressing.

It was so simple yet so delicious, and Audrey’s cat made for a lot of oohing and ahhing throughout the early afternoon. I’m not sure there is much better than a relaxing Sunday with a delicious meal amongst girls in a cozy apartment. That breakfast made me feel quite far from Paris.

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