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Cozy coffee spots are all the hype in Paris at the moment. And although at times it can feel a bit less Parisian that one would hope, it’s shaping what Paris is becoming in many ways.

I remember what it was like when we ONLY had La Caféotèque… it’s so nice to have some early morning options for a yummy espresso or damn good flat white. Cream is up in the 20th, the perfect stroll from Belleville – gosh I love that neighborhood.

Cream has bright wood and a comptoir at the back. Stool seating, bench seating… there is quite a bit of space. It’s very bright, even on a gloomy day. The letters C-R-E-A-M make an arc across the symmetrical entrance from the street. It really is quite cute, in my eyes. The only thing missing is a chai tea latte for those that don’t drink coffee (I popped by with my Paris partner in crime, Anne, who went with a hot cocoa). If you’re around for lunchtime they’ve got wraps.

50 Rue de Belleville, 75020
Open everyday


One of my closest girlfriends, Ana Clara, moved to Munich with her honey for work. Naturally I just had to make it over there to see her life there one weekend. Don’t forget that Munich is freakin’ cold. A February weekend in Munich was a brave choice on my part. Going when it’s balls cold made me even more excited to pop by when the sun is out and we can stroll through the English gardens.

Back to the point: I had been to Munich before twice, once when I was studying abroad for a year in France when I was 16 for a couple of days, and again during my Bachelor’s for Oktoberfest (obvs). This time was more about actually seeing the city. I’m a lucky lady cos Ana eats sanely and loves adorable places with quality products, so every place she took me was just wonderful. Did you know that Germans are super open to vegetarians and vegans and that faux sausages exist all over the place? Even at beer festivals?! High five for the Bavarians.

Ana Clara and Yann-Yves’s close group of friends in the city were so precious and organized a traditional Bavarian brunch when I was in town, which did involve include Witbier before noon, wurst, pretzels and the works. These fine people then accompanied us to the local Starkbierfest that was that exact weekend, ha, which made for the most Bavarian day possible. If you’re planning a trip to Munich and like beer and beer culture, definitely check out if there are any small beer festivals going on, nothing like a liter of beer and pretzels and men in Lederhosen!

Strolling through the Munich streets, I was constantly in love with the pastel buildings, and the wideness of the streets and spaciousness of the interiors. Something about it was just so charming. For a city that had been basically rebuilt, even the modern buildings keep their original architecture, which I though was pretty cool. BTW, don’t jay-walk in Munich, apparently it’s a no no.

Boogie Donuts // Donuts To Go
Daddy Longlegs // Healthy/Coffee/Breakfast/Lunch/Snack
Dallmayr // Specialty Shop/Chocolates/Tea
La Taquéria // Mexican/Lunch/Dinner
Joon // European/Dinner/Bar/Cocktails
Wirthaus Hörreshof // Traditional Bavarian/Lunch/Dinner


L’Archipel, a space for collective innovation.

Under the nave you can enjoy a brunch solidaire, that changes from month to month. How great is that? When we went for Anne’s birthday with LLB, it was à la Méxicaine, and was a lovely place to escape the randomly chilly Spring weekend.

After your delicious brunch made possible by Les Camionneuses, stick around and read one of the hundreds of books that occupy the shelves, listen to music, use wifi, even do some yoga at 16h30! A very cool concept and a wonderful example of making use of beautiful spaces in the city.

Read more about their Sunday rituals here.

L’Archipel x Feel Good Brunch
26 bis rue de Saint Petersbourg, 75008 Paris
Reservations required: [email protected]


Dinner dates with a homegirl are just the best. So for a little background, my best friend Liz loves her some pizza. Her house parties even in high school always involved delicious homemade pizza that I will never forget. Even when we did a summer internship in New York together during Uni, I always trusted her judgement when it came to pizza joints.

Anyways, she took me to one of her favorite Denver spots, Hops & Pie, for a dinner date when I was last in the Mile High City. I secretly wish there was one in Paris that I could go to all the fucking time because it was some top notch mountain pie. You can pair a brew with your artisanal pizza, with the help of their divine beer menu in a simple Mead binder (yeah, the kind you use in Elementary and Middle School… simplicity = key): cans, bottles and pours from both Colorado and other state’s craft breweries. The bar is impréssionnant, with the colorful taps lined up and loud conversation happening. It really is just a good place to be. That’s a nice feeling when you’re out to eat.

Simple and family friendly with a little hustle bustle, it’s some of Denver’s best pizza and the perfect spot for a dinner out or to be delivered to you while you’re binge watching a good series on Netflix.

Hops & Pie
3920 Tennyson Street
Denver, CO 80212