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Bidding Adieu

One of my good friends, , is leaving Paris today. Off to the stateside she goes to rock the world of the Big Apple.

We discovered Paris together, which is what makes it quite sad that she will no longer be here to roam the enchanted streets.

Bon voyage, my sweet Caroline.

We’ll always have Paris.

Tea Time at the Mosque

The Paris mosque is a place that everyone should take the time to discover… it’s a hidden treasure. [{Although you can’t go in the traditional mosque side, they have a restaurant, tea room and hammam in the back!]

Not only is there an indoor patio and tea room, but an entire restaurant! The restaurant offers classic + delicious delights from North African cuisine and is the perfect place for a big dinner as they have beautiful round metal tables that seat many. I’d also like to mention that this resto is a great place for groups in general! I had one of my birthday dinners here a few years back and it was  just wonderful! They were so kind. As a group of about 25, we all enjoyed delicious tajine and the works with a tea to digest it all at the end for under 20 euros each!

However, for those days where you happen to be strolling in the  5th district of Paris and you’re looking for a place to stop and rest for a bit…. for only 2euros you can enjoy a green tea on the patio or in the tea room! While sipping your tea you can admire the colors, decoration and atmosphere of this wonderful place. Even if it’s a bit chilly, the colors and hot green tea will give you a shot of energy to continue on with your day with a smile (I hope, because this place sure does make me smile!).

P.S. This entrance is also where there is a hammam. AND  the Mosque is right next to the Jardin des Plantes- one of the most stunning parks in Paris that has museums and rose gardens and many other amazing things.

P.P.S. Speaking of tea…… If you haven’t been to Le Loir Dans Le Theiere, you should go there and get cozy with a cup of tea!

Mosquée de Paris
Address: 39 rue Geoffrey Saint-Hilaire, 5ème
Métro: Place Monge ou Censier Daubenton (ligne 7)

The Holidays Approaching Part 1


Moving during finals was sort of a silly idea. I’ve been a busy bee but still soaking up the Christmas cheer in Paris.

Is your mistletoe ready?

. . . . .

Precious via the Yes Gallery.

Brilliant . This is serious stuff.

is a nice winter outfit.

Have you had a Buche de Noël?

What are you stirring up for Xmas eve?
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First Craigslisting in Paris

{Taken with Instagram}

So, even though I doubted Craigslist in France, I happend to find a lovely little table from the 1950’s! In the states, Craigslist is pretty much the go-to for anything. I’m hoping it will turn into that here. Although, without a car, I can see how it can be a pinch inconvenient and rather complicated.

A friend also told me about Le Bon Coin, and of course I can’t neglect Ebay!

THIS IS SO EXCITING. I can’t wait to go roam Emmaüs and markets to find lovely things for my new apartment with Mr. Louis!

It’s going to be time to get creative.

Cheers to bricolage!

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Les Souvenirs de Normandie

Have you wandered to Normandie yet?

These pictures are taken in the town where I learned French, Pont Audemer. At 16 I embarked for a journey to Normandy for a year. I can see especially now how it helped me develop a lifestyle that certainly reflects how I live today. I go back and awe at the little town in which I lived for a year at only 16. It seems so long ago. It will always have a place in my heart, as I learned to communicate in a new language all around this little dollhouse of a town.

France has a wealth of little towns and each one has its own spunk. Pont Audemer has some typical Normand “colombage” buildings and trinket-filled windows and outdoor foodie cafés. The beautiful church is a staple of the town, and shares a wall with the best crêpe place in the département (I’d say!) called La Gargouille.

Even going back today, I’ll still see familiar faces at the boulangerie, local café and boucherie. The memories I have in that town are forever in my mind, discovering a new way of living and communicating. After all, it’s where I mastered the language.

If you’ve ever got a chance to visit Normandy, don’t dismiss the little towns like Pont Audemer. There are so many lovely ones with such personality. And you can try some local Calvados or Pont L’Evêque cheese, nomnomnomnom.

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You can follow more on life in Normandy with Design Mom.

Another treasure in Normandy is Deauville… worth a go!

You can check out my post on Deauville right here.

Swing by Rouen to see Monet’s cathedral.

Recipe for Apple Crumble with Calvados Custard.

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