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Mykonos, Greece

Welcome to Mykonos, Greece. 5 girls. 1 island during the off season, a hell of a lot of mini-greek-churches, endless ridiculously epic moments.

The Aegan (Mykonos side…) adventure began upon arrival from the Blue Star Ferries from Piraeus port to the lovely New Port of Mykonos Island. It was rainy as the back end of the ferry opened onto the shore, but regardless, the white house on the hills popped out from the mountainsides, and we were picked up and taken to our hotel, Arhontiko Pension (singing Mamma Mia under my breath…)

To start off, I highly suggest renting a car. It cost us $35/day and we drove all around the island to all the random beaches (SUPER PARADISE), the lighthouse on the northern tip facing Tinos, … starbucks  (should I be ashamed?) etc.. We had a lunch on the seaside at Ithaki in , the southern part of the island (about a 20 minute drive). The seafood was extraordinary with some Greek white wine and of course Ouzo to finish off the meal. My favorite thing is all of the little churches perked up on the hillsides next to every house. Another reason to get a car, to take pictures of ALL OF THEM.

On the seaside as you enter town (which is all pedestrian by the way) we popped in a restaurant called Kadéva which had divine snacks: Tzatziki, Fava Bean Salad, Spicy Cheese spread, Stuffed Grapeleaves, Mykonian Cheese toasts, Mykonian dried meat bruchetta,  etc… Try a glass of Greek Retsina!  Roaming round in town is divine, to say the least. It’s like little sets of Grecian dollhouses…..Pop in all the little luxury shops or tourist shops that all cater to the Greek  atmosphere. Don’t forget to wander and  try to find the Pelican by the seaside and also stop by  what the Mykonians call Little Venice to catch  a view of the Windmills on the water. Not far from the main water front is a treasure called Manderina, filled with Greek …everything (oils, vinigars, liquor, baklava, olives, honey…). Great for gifts and they even ship worldwide! Try the pistachio baklava, you will probably almost faint it’s so delicious.

Have a traditional Greek meal at Maereio (suggested by our lovely hosts at Arhontiko) When the sun goes down, hit up Jacuzzi and Toro Loco in Mykonos Town. Let’s just say during off season it’s a bit empty, but you’re bound to have an amazing time, especially meeting the locals or running into people you know from Uni (spring break!).

Above all Mykonos is a place of random restless relaxation. Roam the island, wander town, meet the locals, eat TONS of feta… the whole island is a playground. Then again, I can’t imagine it in high season, but for a relaxing spring break it did the trick. For more on Mykonos and some tips for the high things when everything is actually open, check out the 36 Hours In Mykonos by NYTimes.

Swedish Hasbeens for H&M

Collaboration is in (see article by, here).

So today was sort of a big day. No joke. I have been waiting for this for quite some time, being a big Swedish Hasbeen fan and all. Even though it is a separate line for H&M, I had to have a pair (or two). My original pairs are my babies, and I am always in a happy mood while wearing them. So I made my choice to be at H&M Haussmann at opening to snatch some Swedish Hasbeens for H&M. Being the average shoe size isn’t easy! Oftentimes by the time you get to  the store they are all out of them. I couldn’t risk this.

Caro and I got there at opening, tried on a bunch and left with quite a few. Oops. I even got a pair for my mom. Obsessed much? The H&M line of Hasbeens run from 50 euros  to 60 euros, a pinch cheaper than an original pair (sarcasm?) but still seem to be great quality cloggies!

The Swedish Hasbeens for H&M are part of the Conscious Collection, which features lots of neutral colors and cute cuts, check it out here.

I honestly hesitated to get one of each style (hope I don’t regret not having the lace up slip on clogs in my wardrobe….), because they are all so cute, and they definitely kept the original knack of Swedish Hasbeens-ish-ness. LOVE IT.

I am a happy camper. Today is a good day. Head over to H&M to get your own pair before they are all gone! Limited edition!

[forgive me for lame iPhone photos….]

“Rainbow” by Oh Land

Currently addicted to this song.

And I also want to go see Oh Land at the Fleche d’Or on May 18 in Paris. Oui oui. Who is in? But that couch isn’t ugly, it’s adorable, and I am a frame fan, so high five to frame filled walls!

J’adore cette chanson. The Danes know how to do it! Hope you like!

Check out more of their stuff hurrrrrrr.


A trip to Marrakech in January of 2009… it feels like only yesterday! How did that happen!? We hopped on EasyJet and headed down south, and let me tell you, that city is so damn picturesque! I mean, I am well aware of my obsession for Arab cities with the traveling of my youth, but Marrakech was breathtaking.

Started out off the day with a fresh orange juice in the main square – Djemaa el Fna, which leads to a maze within it self. With teeth sellers, fruit sellars, Moroccan music blasting, children running around and snake charmers- you really can’t miss out in this part of town. As you wander through the souks- be ready to haggle. Whip out the “marhaba” [hello] and “shoukran” [thank you] and your jaw will drop when you see the beautiful leather goods. I am still not over all  the beautiful bags- and not to mention the astounding doors of the city centre, “baabs” [doors].

Take a break in a café off of the main square for some local green tea with some Moroccan snacks, and la vie est belle.

As my memories are fading out to me- I cannot remember exact things as easily (why didn’t I start doing blog entries earlier..???) but I know that we visited the Majorelle Gardens, Jardin de Menara, Theatre Royale, El Badi Palace and the Bahia Palace. The Saadian Tombes are also well worth the pop-in!

I suggest Al Fassia’s, right outside of the city centre, for a wonderful traditional meal.