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Une Soiree Tres Peruvienne

So the lovely Purvians  buddies decided to have an apéro à la péruvienne, with delicious drinks and snacks- and I must say, it was fantastic. Especially if you like spicy food, dun dun dun. The sushi like salmon/ tuna things (I call them Peruvian Sushi) were stuffed with tomatoes and avocados which is just paradise.

Gracias chicas!!!


The best indian food in all of Paris – according to me. Ladies and Gentlemen, the newly renovated Chettinadu!

With a “plat végetarian” or “non-végétarien” (with chicken, beef, fish, or lamb curry) this delicious piece of heaven dish is to be devoured. This particular plate is 6euro or 6euro50 with the curry side. Rice and delicious sauces that are perfect with a freshly cooked Naan bread, with or without cheese for 2 or 3 euro.

And of course the best part about Chettinadu is their amazing Samossa aux Légumes, 1 euro. The best samossa I have ever tasted in 3 different continents. With some sauces on the side and a pinch of raita or even hot sauce if you’re that type- you can’t get any better than these. I usually have a couple, that’s for sure.

With a King Fisher Indian Beer for 4euro, you’re bound to enjoy your meal here, and if you become a regular and they recognize you, they are always so sweet and friendly and know your order automatically. Cough, weekly. I can’t help it- I am in love with their samossa’s. SO basically for about 10euro you can get an amazing meal that will stuff you more than you can imagine- but you can’t not eat it all! Please, go try this place immediately, you will not regret it.

Don’t forget to get a lassi or a King Fisher or Lion Stout beer to go with your already filling meal. So worth it. You will not regret this meal. Tell everyone about it. Their hospitality deserves it!

15 rue Cail, 75010
Métro: La Chapelle (2) / Gare du Nord (4,5)