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I just love the Passy metro stop.

In the winter it really has en eery feeling, and so gray. Something about how symmetrical it is I find to be so interesting. Have you been for a stroll here?

It’s still so chilly here in the city of lights. But these strolls make the cold worth the stroll. And something about those foggy skies I just love.

Hope you’re staying warm.

Strolling in the 18th

As a matter of fact, today I strolled in quite a few arrondissements with great company. But I will focus on the 18th, as I deeply miss being a Montmartoise, and cannot wait to be one again in the future- as it is my favorite part of Paris, and I truly miss living at Lamarck to roam the hilly streets! It all started with a cupcake at Berko.

Ca commence: If you get off the metro at Blanche, on line 2, exiting right in front of the Moulin Rouge– amongst other interesting things…  you can walk upRue Lépic (passing Café des Deux Moulins of the famous Amélie Poulain) and pop into Berko for a cupcake à emporter or sur place. Continuing upwards, at the top of the street you go to your right on Rue des Abbesses towards metro stop Abbesses, which leads to the bottom of Montmartre (la butte!). But, if you’re feeling adventurous — as we were today– go on any street that seems like it’s going upwards, and eventually you will find the top with Sacré Coeur. This particular Friday we had the pleasure of arriving at the top just as the guy singing and playing the guitar  on the steps was singing an acoustic version of “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys. Let’s just say that this moment ultimately made my day even MORE amazing. With the view of Paris, of course.

We then heading down on the left side of Sacré Coeur (while facing the city of Paris, back to the church) and sat in the grass  for a bit before heading to Halle Saint Pierre (epic books!!!!!) and  Marché Saint Pierre  to wander around. This is the perfect place for fabric- F.Y.I.: gingham galore in EVERY color! Montmartre is definitely my favorite part of Paris. There is effortless charm and bundles of precious galore anywhere you turn your head. Wander stories will continue in this quartier, that is for sure.

Until next time, Montmartre coté sud………