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Lately I’ve been slightly drowning a bit. Transitions are in the happenings and I’ve been trying to find motivation to get out and do things on the weekends, to maintain the social aspect of my life and discovering cozy new places in this fantastic city. I’ve been thinking about how I’d like to go to places that are just good at what they do. Places I can go away from home where I can just enjoy myself with no expectations of awesomeness or from hype. Just genuineness. It’s not as easy as it seems, eh? I find myself going somewhere because that is where everyone is going and sometimes after I leave, I think to myself, “I wonder if I’ll go back there”. How sad is that? Marlette stood out to me in many ways for its genuineness, so I had been quite anxious to check out their café for a little while, especially since I find their mixes so precious and clever. This particular day in question was filled with sun rays and surprisingly warm temperatures, so rolling out of bed to go and stroll through the 9th and see some girlfriends seemed like a bright idea.

Café Marlette is a the new kid on the block of the rue des Martyrs, mand seems to be on everyone’s “to stop by” list lately. Marlette is at its origins a little brand sold across Paris, with little kits for baking delicious things (including gluten free kits!), created and run by 2 sisters. Their café features a section with all they’ve got to offer, and also a place for a delicious little breakfast. Lali, Faye, Anja and I decided to go one weekend morning.

We saw that it opened at 10am, so gave ourselves rendez-vous at this time (I am that asshole who is totally not in the mood to wait at a busy place), but we quickly found out that the kitchen only opens at 11am (not sure if that was communicated somewhere? I couldn’t find it). This little misunderstanding actually turned out for the best as the little fresh as can be breakfast menu was just perfect : a hot bevvie (coffee from Coutume), fresh juice, a fromage blanc or other little sweet treat, and a pastry of choice for 12 euros. I’ll just mention here that their banana bread is what the French would call a “tuerie”, incredibly delicious. As 11 o’clock rolled around and the wave of brunchers came in, we realized that the little breakfast was just we needed and that the brunch actually didn’t really seem worth it’s buck.

I’ll save my brunch frustrations in a later post.

I’d like to go back to Café Marlette for a goûter, a little snack and coffee with a dear one. The space is illuminous and minimalistic, cozy and modern, with precious finishing touches every left and right.

Check out Lali’s review on Café Marlette here.

Café Marlette
51 rue des Martyrs, 75009
Métro: Pigalle (12/2), Saint Georges (12)


All photos by Silvia Martins

When she was visiting Paris with her family, Silvia Martins took some pictures of Louis and I hanging out around Bir-Hakeim. I loved the colors in the shots and couldn’t resist sharing them here on the blog. Since I’m usually the crazy woman taking a million pictures, having some nice pictures of my honey and I together is always a pleasure.


Gratin is one of my favorite things. I love casseroles. Basically anything involving heaps of flavors cooked with cheese has always been my calling. I’m pretty sure it all started with discovering broccoli cheddar casserole at Thanksgivings. One weekend for a game night at home with friends, Olivia threw together a casserole with some veggies from the in-law’s garden and it was magic.

Gratins are easy dishes that just require only an oven and all of your favorite ingredients. That’s another reason I love them, they are so simple! For this recipe we went with kale, butternut squash and potato, topped with cheese, obviously.

What you’ll need :
A pan or two
2 handfuls of kale
1 sweet potato
1 zucchini
2 medium-sized potatoes
3 cloves of garlic cut up
Grated cheese (I prefer Emmental or Cantal)
Salt & pepper
Spices (Paprika, Herbs)

Cook the butternut squash, zucchini and potatoes prior to baking. Chop the squash, potatoes and kale up. Butter your pan and layer in the ingredients (I always start with potatoes). Throw in your garlic, salt, pepper, and spices in between the layers. You can also put cheese in between layers if you’re a cheese lover. Once approaching the top of the pan, leave at least 1cm to pile on some cheese to bake and add that extra gratin goodness. Bake the gratin until all cheese is melted and the top is golden brown. Serve while hot, and enjoy.

Cooks for 6-8 hungry people, plus leftovers (I’m bad at judging quantity). It’s easy to go overboard, but it saves well for a couple of days.


It’s been a while since I’ve done my recent reads post, with random links to some snazzy spaces and all. Since I’ve discovered so many beautiful and inspirational things recently, I knew that I had to jump back on the bandwagon to share some sites with you guys.

With the sun coming out a bit in Paris, I’m dreaming of our recent trip to Istanbul.

Obsessed with this photo shoot.

I’ve been spiffing up , have you had a look?

Haleigh’s London guide has got me craving a trip across the channel.

This photo shoot with Laurent and her pup Daisy by Katie Mitchell Photography is just too cute for words.

I am getting super anxious to learn to brew some beer. Stay tuned the coming weeks for my adventure with homebrewing.

Dr. Seuss’s .

It’s important to have healthy snacks at work. I am trying to stay focused and not eat too much junk.

Drooling over these.

One of the most precious streets in Paris captured by Beau Bon Joli.

Do your professional documents need a facelift? Anne is doing a class on Skillshare for just that!

Pictures of cherry blossoms with the coming of Spring are pretty much every other Instagram, but these shots by Carin are the dreamiest I’ve seen.

Brianna’s posts on local adventures are my perfect fix when I am missing home.


Several have called Montreuil de Brooklyn of Paris. I’m not sure whether or not I agree yet, as Paris has it’s own spunk and it’s own bourough reputations to create, but what is exciting is that snazzy things are popping up outside of the 75’s limits.

Karim, a fellow Yelper, recommended this place for a bomb-diggity UYE* brunch, and I must say it’s been the best I’ve had so far in the vacinity of this city. Paris faces many dilemmas with the concept of brunch, which for me is just a meal between breakfast and lunch…. Here it’s become this excuse for cafés and trendy spots to charge like 28 euros (or more, even) for insane amounts of bread and pastries, some condiments, juice, coffee and maybe a soft boiled egg. I’m actually quite curious as to how places feel they can charge so much. Eggs and bread are two of the cheapest things, nay?
Alas, I’ve got some more scoping out to do for good brunches (why do they all have to be set meals, or as the French call “formules”? Sometimes I just want eggs benedict and a coffee!). Back to my point, at , I actually had a brunch that was something new and exciting and delicious, and that was really worth my buck.

At My Food, their brunch menu is 21 euros. There’s only one option (although the waiter did say if you’re vegetarian or don’t eat pork that they’d figure something out). On the menu is bottomless drinks (yes, this means unlimited coffee, tea, juice or homemade GINGER BEER), deliciously fresh biscuits and jams/cream and a plate full of heaven as the main dish : fried eggs, homemade sausage and bacon on the South African BBQ, a veggie and bean mix, homefries and a sort of South African coleslaw. On top of all that you’ve got a traditional cake for dessert.

While you’re munching on all of this amazingness amongst friends, the owner, such a sweet man, will most likely come by and ask what you think. The restaurant really had a personality, with framed vintage posters on the wall, and beaded animals and wood finishing all around. It is a place for good, quality, organic food.

Reservations required for brunch.
*Unofficial Yelp Event

22 Rue Robespierre, 93100 Montreuil
Métro: Robespierre (9)

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