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It’s been a while since I’ve posted on a Photobooth.

In Paris we’ve got quite a few old-fashioned photobooths, and this one is on the 1st floor at the Citadium near Saint Lazare.

When an old friend is in town, I can’t think of a better thing to do than getting a photostrip.

50-56 Rue de Caumartin, 75009
Hours: 10am – 8pm; closed Sundays
Photobooth on 2nd floor (US)

Photobooth Session @ Bonton

Photobooth @ Bonton - De quelle planète es-tu 1 Photobooth @ Bonton - De quelle planète es-tu 2 Photobooth @ Bonton - De quelle planète es-tu 3 Photobooth @ Bonton - De quelle planète es-tu 4

La Joyeuse de Photographie has set up a booth at Bonton on rue de Grenelle, and it is fantastic and colorful. I was long overdue for a photobooth session, so this finally did the trick!

Next time I hope to bring some props like Olivia has on her blog, how fun would that be?

These magical machines will never get old.  Photoboothing is one of my favorite things to do.. it’s just one of those things. What’s that special thing that makes you smile?

Denver Hoods: South Broadway

South Broadway has always been one of my favorite places to drive around in Denver. The street goes clear from downtown Denver’s Capital Hill all the way to the ‘burbs of Littleton. and Rachel caught me up on what I had missed as new places and eateries are popping up left and right, and of course some of my favorite old places to stop by are still there and were in need of a visit. Gosh this part of town is just so wonderful. All of the signs are divine and the colors are perfection. It’s spunky, fun and filled with adorable shops. Complete candy for the whimsical eyes.

Some of my favorite parts of South Broadway:

Beatrice & Woodsley – Bar/Restaurant

El Diablo – Mexican Restaurant/Bar

Fancy Tiger – Fabric Shop + Vintage Shop

The Hornet – Bar/Restaurant

The Mayan – Movie Theatre

Sputnik – Bar/Restaurant/Photobooth

Starlet – Women’s Whimsicle Fashion Boutique

Sweet Action – Ice Cream Parlour

My Favorite NYC Photobooths

I’ll admit that lately, I’ve been missing the big ol’ NYC. So I thought I’d dedicate this post to the NYC Photobooths! The ones below are my favorite of the ones I discovered (I slacked and missed a few, unfortunately…) So many good memories, and definitely some great shots.

The list:

–Coney Island: The Coney Island photobooth is simply in the most ideal location. Vintage atmosphere, a beach, and good ol’ fashion rides surrounding an old fashioned Photobooth? You couldn’t ask for anything more.  With it’s more modern facade it popped out some greatly contrasted photos (but not quite as on-key contrast as Bubby’s Pie Co..) Which brings me to:

Coney Island

Under the Wonder Wheel

Brooklyn, NY – Coney Island (N,Q,R)

Bubby’s Pie Co: I made sure to go to this one before my departure back to Paris. It’s down in TriBeCa. I thought to myself that pies and a photobooth make for quite the combination. This booth put out amazingly contrasted photos that I used for my ID picture in many cases, not lyin’! This is also the booth that I took this picture in. Go and enjoy their pie. More info right here.

Bubby’s Pie Co.

120 Hudson Street

New York, NY – Franklin St. (1,2)

–Lakeside Lounge: This little piece of heaven is in the heart of one of my favorite parts of New York: Alphabet City. Not only is it where Rent takes place, but it’s a lively quarter filled with amazing shops, bars, and of course PEOPLE WATCHING! It’s a got a bit of a boho twist that will make you smile. This bar is right around the corner from the Life Café; kind of grungy, but with a classic twist. I happened to go when my sister was in town and there was a French indie singer playing the guitar inside, and the room was filled with foreigners. I felt like I was in the right place at the right time. My sister and I snapped a few photos before having a drink. They use the token system where you buy a token at the bar to put in the machine. Not a bad idea for a bar…but it was a dollar more expensive than the other booths I went to in NYC, but also had the classic curtain that wasn’t ripped out yet [See the photo second from the right of my sister and I].

Lakeside Lounge

162 Avenue B

New York, NY – 1st Ave (L)

–The Smith: I knew about The Smith because it is one of Trevor’s favorite restaurants. Tucked downstairs by their restrooms…. low and behold… is a photobooth! I just thought it was too cute. I’m telling you, the day there is a cupcake shop with a photobooth I’ll go weak in the knees. Having it in a restaurant I found to be so fun (like Bubby’s). These ones turned out good. And it was quite the aventure doing them with , and . Plus, The Smith has great food and a great atmosphere.

The Smith

55 Third Avenue

New York, NY – 3rd Ave (L)

–Union Pool: This is pretty much my favorite place in Brooklyn. A hip bar with a photobooth. YES PLEASE. And this one has fantastic contrast. I always enjoyed going and taking advantage of their great beers on draft for Happy Hour. It’s definitely a great place to hold events- especially in the summertime with the patio! You can read more about Union Pool right here.

Union Pool

484 Union Avenue # A

Brooklyn, NY – Larmier (L)

Other old fashioned booths in the NYC are at Bushwick Country Club, Bubby’s Brooklyn, and The Living Room.  You can find out about photobooths near you with

And thus the week begins!

Good luck with your Mondays, everyone!


Discovering the photobooth at the Lakeside Lounge was pure glory. I wandered the city with my sister and mom this weekend, who were in town. We ate loads of sweets and the likes. Typical.

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