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Local flea markets  are one of my favorite things. Across Paris, different flea markets, or brocantes, pop up on weekends every now and again. I find that these are sometimes the places with the most snazzy finds.

This brocante was in the 16th district, on rue Jean de la Fontaine, right by la Maison de Radio France. It was such a cold cold day, but I caught it by surprise on a random stroll in my neighborhood. It made me smile, as it had been eons since I had been to a brocante.

Some other reoccurring brocantes are on rue de Bretagne and Avenue de la Motte Piquet & Rue Cler, for example. You can find out about where they will be in Paris on sites like this one.

These markets are such a wonderful place to find gifts. So much eye candy.

I love thinking about the people who find all of these antiques, who search for them or inherit them, and spiff them up to sell at various little markets. It’s funny how you can find matching things at different ones over the years….

They’ve all got a story.

I always remember at which flea market I get some of my favorite things. It’s exciting. And then of course I can add my own stories to the life of the object.

A Sunday Spin at the Brocante

On one ordinary Sunday, my neighborhood had a brocante. Louis and I went to take a spin at all the precious trinkets they had to offer (yes, this is the brocante where I found my rotary phone). It was a small brocante, but was packed with so many lovely things.

Roaming these things is one of my favorite things to do. To find out more about different weekend brocantes, click here.

Hope you had a happy weekend!


Brocante = Market

A brocante is a market. Usually with antiques. The dictionary translates it as “deals in secondhand goods”, but to put it simply, it’s an antique market.

A few weekends ago and I went to this brocante.  They are in Paris almost every weekend until the weather gets really heinous (for dates & locations, click here.)

I tend to go buck-wild over the 1950’s pinkish brown glassware, but there is something for everyone at a brocante.

Find a brocante, and go enjoy it. I highly recommend them for a little stroll in the different Parisian districts.

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday, and preparing for NUIT BLANCHE ce soir.

See GQ‘s top picks for Nuit Blanche right here.

A side note, I love this collection of the World’s Best Subway Systems.

Last Rainy Antique-y Saturday

Last Saturday it was rainy. But the brocante at rue Cler and a little brunch at Pain et Chocolat with behind Oh Happy Day made it just right.

There are brocantes all over Paris year-round, and you’re bound to find many treasures. Don’t forget to whip out your French and bargain your heart out!


Marche aux Puces de la Porte de Vanves

Two cities. Different lifestyles. Voilà. This video depicts it all. It’s directed by J.W. Griffiths. found it on .

As for the market photos… I know this seems a bit dated as I am not in Paris at the moment, but I sure am thinking of it. And after visiting the Brooklyn Flea, I was reminded of how much I love the marché at Porte de Vanves in the 14th of Paris (and I’m not only saying this because I’m proud of my arrondissement….! Which you can check on Anne‘s Around Paris Project)

This market is sort of unknown as I talk about it to friends or other tourists….which is understandable because the Puces at Clignancourt is of course a bit larger and sucks up all of the glory… but you can still find little treasures here in the south of Paris. Tons of treasures, actually.

I always tend to stumble upon peachy glass 30’s antiques, which happen to frequent my kitchen…..

It’s best to go on Saturday or Sundays around 9 or 10am, but not after 12pm, as the market becoming prominently clothing. Perfect for a morning stroll.


1) Get of the metro at Plaisance on line 13. Or the tram 3 at Didot. (if you take the line 13 route, take rue d’Alésia east until rue Didot, and go south until the periphérique)

2) You’ll see the market if you cross past the main street & tram tracks, and start to your left and wrap around to the right, eventually making a U-Turn and following the vendors are the way down  avenue Marc Sangnier.

3) Buy pretty things and admire trinkets between all of the above!

4) Fin.

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