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As a side note, I have many memories from University on Rue Chapon. It’s a lovely street near the Pompidou with various gross sales shops and beautiful buildings with shadow-filled streets. But now there’s a new hub on this very quaint rue: Café Loustic.

Café Loustic was opened oh so recently by coffee connoisseur and avid Yelper, Channa. Let’s just say his taste in déco is unlike any other café I know of in Paris. It’s perfection. The tones are relaxing and are as cozy as can be. The wallpaper is sublime, and from the tiles to the the bench of seats facing the shelf of deliciously plump tartes and treats, your eyes will wander. Every pattern goes together just perfectly, and it’s got this sort-of-rustic-vintage-industrial-chic feel that makes me crave an espresso as soon as I walk in. Like a sudden need for a burst of energy.

The café itself is set up in a way that is wonderful for a chit-chat, with the people you came with, or for other coffee lovers sipping one of Channa’s delicious brews next to you.

The grub comes on and off from the fabulous Kale Project, Sugar Daze as well as  (see the fancy sandwich in the below). What I loved the most was that the sandwich was toasted and not microwaved, which made it nice and crispy yummy… not too big and not too small. For lunch they’ve got deals with quiches and salads with a bevvie and the likes. Or even pop in for a sweet and espresso for an afternoon pick-me-up. But be careful, you’ll sink into the beautifully patterned, über comfortable couches in the back and getting up will seem slightly harder than you expected.

I’m pretty sure popping in here to sip an espresso once a week and flipping through a magazine before work would be the most amazing routine of all time.

A perfect spot for a cuppa and smiles. I’m anxious to learn more about coffee. He’s got some intense equipment & contraptions at Loustic.

40, rue Chapon, 75003
Métro: Arts & Metiers (3) & Rambuteau (11)