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Flowers, Floral and All Things Green

It’s nice to get out of the city now and again. I love living in a city, but an afternoon in the countryside can be so refreshing.

With my parents in town last week we headed south of Paris to Montargis to enjoy a summer lunch with the two families. The house is like a dollhouse (which I have posted on before, actually) and I can never resist to snap a million photos when there as it is just so precious. It is a dream. Now that it’s  summertime the flowers are in full bloom and the vegetables in the garden are starting to grow. From spice plants to strawberries, they’ve got it all. It is nice to see so much natural color.

Under the sun we dined and drank and giggled. After a post-lunch stroll along the canal in the sunshine picking flowers, we made our way back to the hustle bustle of Paris. I couldn’t have asked for a better Sunday summer afternoon. It was absolutely wonderful and oh so picturesque.

I hope your summer is magical off to a terrific start!

G is for Girlies

Girlfriends. Sometimes I wonder what I would do without them. I’ve had the benefit of meeting some snazzy ladies in this phenomenal city, with whom I uncovered Paris and made it my home.

This week we were all reunited and it felt so good to have them back in a city we all know so well. It was as if they had never left—- and the thought of them heading back to their jobs and studies makes me realize how fluid our lifestyles have become. and how constant presence no longer defines closeness between a group of girls. I’m lucky I’ve got you girls.

We are globe trotters, the world is our oyster, and Paris will always be our homebase.

Magical Gardens

Last week I did a post for Untapped Cities on the Albert Kahn Gardens. This place was so magical that I couldn’t not share it with you guys on here. If you haven’t been yet, you’re in for a treat.

For the full post click here.

Happy Hour in a School Themed Restaurant

Some smart dude in Paris came up with the clever idea of a “écolier” themed restaurant. I mean, in Paris we find vintage school chairs and things all over the place, but this restaurant takes you back to elementary school. The walls are covered in chalkboards and vintage maps with books all over the place. Your eyes will wander, I warn you.

They also happen to have a pretty amazing happy hour, with 5 euro pints and cocktails from 5pm to 8pm daily. If you happen to go for dinner, you should definitely try to reserve the swing set in the basement (for two).

Now that school is coming to a definite ending, it is the perfect place to go and fall back into memories of education and learning. Life is an oyster, sometimes it’s hard to stop and think about how much we learn every day from those around us.

La Classe
Address: 6, rue de Maubeuge, 75009
Métro: Le Peletier (7) / Notre Dame de Lorette (12)

Like Old Times

It’s that time of year. When people visit. 2 of my favorite people came for the week and some of my other favorite people will be arriving this week to celebrate the graduation of the 50th graduating class from the American University of Paris. It’s going to be an exciting week.

Today it was the perfect sometimes-rainy Sunday as it started off with a brunch at Twinkie with 5 of my favorite people, and the girls with whom I unlocked Paris.

More to come on our new bling from Bamboopink

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