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“Something’s brewing in Montreuil…” is what seems to be the initial headline on the subject of Deck & Donohue (source). Indeed, something is brewing over in Montreuil, and it’s fantastic. After checking out the founders, Thomas and Mike’s, brew blog AND having the perfect timing as they opened shop officially in March, I knew I had to pay a visit. Last week I traveled across Paris’s borders to the eastern suburb that is Montreuil. Thomas & Mike greeted me with a smile as I entered their magical craft brewery. The space is pristine – it’s new and the equipment is plopped in the middle as it should be. It is filled with light with an industrial touch, and the natural sun rays make for a stunning and delightful space to get their craft on.

After giving their Trouble #6 a tasteroo, the two showed me their set up and explained the 4-1-1 to their beer magic. The space may seem small, but it’s where they do it all – brew, fermentation, bottling (that is semi-automatic) and packing. We sipped their beers on a little metal table I had the pleasure of tasting all of their gamme, each of which has something different to offer. You can also go to visit their headquarters on Saturdays from 10h-15h to taste their beers, it’s certainly worth the trek.

Deck & Donohue currently has 4 beers : Mission Pale Ale, Trouble #6, Monk and Indigo IPA. All divine. As a hoppy beer fan and an IPA fanatic, their Indigo IPA did just the trick for me. They will also have a seasonal beer to top the list this year.

I discovered the Alsacian/American duo on Instagram, not only to friends commenting and linking me with many exclamation points, but mainly though @regard’s Instagram, the art director that did the microbrewery’s visual identity. I Immediately started to follow , getting so excited about eventually venturing out to check out the space and be a geek.

France is the sister country of the magical Belgium, the land of delicious Abbaye beer and brewers of all kinds, also the source of inspiration where brewers such as those that started New Belgium Brewery in Colorado (also, heaven). Their know-how has been a staple in the world’s beer making, and if you haven’t been to Belgium already, you probably should. France always had the access to incredibly delectable Belgian beers, and also has countless breweries in the regions across the land, but for some reason their own artisanal beers just aren’t as well known in the capital as they should be. But this is all changing. Beer shops are popping up left and right featuring more and more French and other European beers, and even sometimes a little je ne sais quoi from the good ol’ USA.

In fact, changing so much that there is the first ever Paris Beer Week this year, in May.

Deck & Donohue‘s beers (bottled or on tap) are served in places like Holybelly, Cantine California & Les Trois 8… You can get them on shop shelves like at Moustache Blanche, and I have a feeling they will be more and more present in the months to come.

Something about supporting local production is so satisfying!

Follow Thomas & Mike on and to stay in the know on where to find their delicious beers.

Deck & Donohue
71, rue de la Fraternité
93100 Montreuil


Several have called Montreuil de Brooklyn of Paris. I’m not sure whether or not I agree yet, as Paris has it’s own spunk and it’s own bourough reputations to create, but what is exciting is that snazzy things are popping up outside of the 75’s limits.

Karim, a fellow Yelper, recommended this place for a bomb-diggity UYE* brunch, and I must say it’s been the best I’ve had so far in the vacinity of this city. Paris faces many dilemmas with the concept of brunch, which for me is just a meal between breakfast and lunch…. Here it’s become this excuse for cafés and trendy spots to charge like 28 euros (or more, even) for insane amounts of bread and pastries, some condiments, juice, coffee and maybe a soft boiled egg. I’m actually quite curious as to how places feel they can charge so much. Eggs and bread are two of the cheapest things, nay?
Alas, I’ve got some more scoping out to do for good brunches (why do they all have to be set meals, or as the French call “formules”? Sometimes I just want eggs benedict and a coffee!). Back to my point, at , I actually had a brunch that was something new and exciting and delicious, and that was really worth my buck.

At My Food, their brunch menu is 21 euros. There’s only one option (although the waiter did say if you’re vegetarian or don’t eat pork that they’d figure something out). On the menu is bottomless drinks (yes, this means unlimited coffee, tea, juice or homemade GINGER BEER), deliciously fresh biscuits and jams/cream and a plate full of heaven as the main dish : fried eggs, homemade sausage and bacon on the South African BBQ, a veggie and bean mix, homefries and a sort of South African coleslaw. On top of all that you’ve got a traditional cake for dessert.

While you’re munching on all of this amazingness amongst friends, the owner, such a sweet man, will most likely come by and ask what you think. The restaurant really had a personality, with framed vintage posters on the wall, and beaded animals and wood finishing all around. It is a place for good, quality, organic food.

Reservations required for brunch.
*Unofficial Yelp Event

22 Rue Robespierre, 93100 Montreuil
Métro: Robespierre (9)