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The nice weather isn’t charming us with its presence this year I suppose. I’m in Colorado for a few weeks, and I’m thinking of my summer memories when this time of year was a heatwave of poolside goodness and sweaty hikes. In Paris this time of year it was thought to be Spring.

I was going through some old pictures, and I found images from this little adventure escaping from the chills with Olivia in the Marché Couvert des Batignolles one morning.

I had never been before, and boy, was I in for a surprise.  There were so many various vendors, and since it was a weekday morning, we basically had the place to ourselves. Flowers, pastries, meat, dairy, fruits & veggies, regional stands…..this covered market has got it all, and was the perfect escape from the windy Parisian streets.

Olivia is a local there, so it was nice to stroll and interact with the vendors she goes to weekly to fill her basket.

The brightly colored flowers made my day.

To read more about the Marché Couvert des Batignolles, check out Olivia’s blog posts.


Last night we went to the Puces de Batignolles to cheers for Olivia’s birthday. It was magic and the most perfect, warm winter celebration.

The restaurant was filled with the most precious decorations and knick-knacks. I was completely in my element. Lovely Olivia invited all of her closest pals, and we celebrated her birth into this world and the continuously blossoming friendships over a few bottles of wine.

The venue was cozy and filled with so much life. The house wine and French nibbles were just fabulous…  I can’t wait to go back there.

Something about going out to cozy places in the winter is so charming to me. Bundling up to stroll along the lit streets while rubbing your hands together to keep them somewhat warm. Oh, winter…

Les Puces de Batignolles
110 rue Legendre, Paris 75017
Métro: La Fourche/Brochant (Ligne 13)

Un Atelier Cupcakes @ Beauty Cakes

This week I took my first ever cupcake class… and it was at Beauty Cakes!

shared some of her secrets with us while we learned to make the traditional vanilla cupcake with milk chocolate icing. It was superb. With a few friends we popped on our pink Beauty Cakes aprons and attempted to make the most scrumptious cupcakes ever in Ruthy’s adorable Green Gate frenzy kitchen in her cupcake boutique in the 17th. It was such a wonderful evening filled with giggles and so much gosh darn sugar. I learned a lot of really fun and useful words.

The classes are in groups of 5-6 people, and there are specific nights designated for kids classes. This one was on a Tuesday night and started at 7pm. For 40 euros you get to learn how to make cupcakes, bring home your cupcakes that you make and decorate, and a petit snack/tea while the cupcakes are baking. It’s a fantastic time so I highly recommend it. Mille mercis, Ruthy!

I clearly have some kind of addiction to eating cupcakes.

For more info on and their cupcake classes (for kids and adults!!) check out their website, and .

Sugar Craze with Sugar Daze

Have you tried Sugar Daze cupcakes {former Little Miss Cupcake}?

Well, if you haven’t, you should probably order some because they are true American cupcakes with oodles of unique and scrumptuous flavors. My personal favorites are She Wore Lemon and Cotton Candy. Go on, I dare you, check out the menu on the site and you’ll have such a hard time deciding because they are all so gosh darn tempting and adorable! The icing that topple over these cakes are the cat’s pajamas…. it is unbelievably delicious.

Next time you crave a cupcake in Paris, find one of Sugar Daze’s. You can make your own personalized order 2-3 weeks in advanced! *Addiction*

…at one of my favorite places in Paris: Beauty Cakes! The only thing that can make a weekday off absolutely perfect is a cupcake. With Olivia!

… dans un de mes endroits préféré à Paris: Beauty Cakes! La seule chose qui peut rendre une journée libre absolument parfaite est un cupcake.

. . . . .

I want to make one of ASAP.

Did you know you can take cupcake classes at Beauty Cakes? Oui oui!

Quite Continental Charm School…. I love the last one.

Drooling over these shoes like it’s my job.

Classic women in .

I’m not a mom, but sure do love this post!

I am also craving some sugar cookies.

A Denverite with a darn good lookin’ recipe index!

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