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I am a big fan of breakfast. I just love every part of it. It’s also a very important part of the day.

There are two things that are difficult to find in this city: early bird breakfast spots, and gluten-free products. When I discovered Claus, I realized I won’t need to miss this anymore, because it’s tucked all away right next to the Louvre.

The French have their breakfast traditions, but finding a place open before work- besides a boulangerie- is a toughie here in the city of lights. Secondly, finding a place with gluten-free options (in restaurants or in supermarkets) isn’t donné here like it is elsewhere, which can be frustrating for people with dietary restrictions. This is where PÜR FOOD PARIS  stepped in and offered Claus’s founder exactly what he was looking for: the best organic and gluten-free muesli and oats from just across the English channel, Alara. It makes for a delicious breakfast for one and all. It’s just fantastic.

Claus is a breakfast restaurant and a breakfast épicerie. One of a kind in Paris, on the main floor your heart will melt when you are welcomed with homemade treats and shelves full of wholesome and delicious breakfast food for sale. When you go up the stairs, you’ll stumble upon a simplistic and cozy set of wooden tables, with the perfect color palate like sun rays on an autumn morning. Everything is served with simple tableware, the perfect mix of retro and modern. I loved the minimalistic décor of the place, and the boombox quietly playing classical music was the cherry on top.

The Germans are known for indulging in a hearty breakfast, to nourish your body from the moment you wake up. Claus Estermann, the owner and founder, shares this tradition with the international crowds of the Parisian streets. The menu has a variety of hearty savory breakfasts or snacks to pair with your double espresso.

Claus has kept his German origins a part of the menu, offering items such as an epic giant freshly made Bavarian pancake with almonds an apples. With my breakfast I couldn’t resist trying one of Claus’s detox juices, which was to die for. This 8am breakfast kicked off my day for the better.

For his breakfast épicerie, he carefully chooses products with great importance and seeks to find excellent products to celebrate the start of the day. It’s all about breakfast cheer. One of the brands that he carries in his breakfast shop that really caught my eye is Alara mueslis and oats.Alara’s bright colored boxes stick out on the shelf in Claus’s shop, with the most fantastic and informational packaging.

It’s an English family company that was started in 1975 with quite the heart-felt story. It started when their two founders came across 2 British pounds on the ground, and wanted to do something good with it. Long story short, Alex and Aisha Smith started making organic muesli, which has become a staple in breakfasts across the globe. Now, a decade later, they make 100% certified organic and gluten-free mueslis and granolas, operate in sustainable trade, and are the only Fair Trade muesli maker in the world!

Their products are colorful boxes of joy.

I personally like my muesli and oats with yogurt in the morning for a little pick me up. It’s one of the best ways to start a day.

14, rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 75001 Paris
Métro: Louvre-Rivoli (1)

Website coming soon!

[email protected]


I was so lucky to get to spend a weekend in Amsterdam with some girlfriends not too long ago. Boy, do I love Amsterdam. The city is filled with so much charm and character.

Things there are clean, and cars don’t honk at bikers (cliché, everyone knows that) but it was refreshing. And did I mention that the cheese they put on everything is fantastic? I am in gouda heaven whenever I’m there.

I love the that the buildings are tilted slightly forward, and that they all have hooks at the top. I love that going out can easily consist of a night in a rock ‘n roll pub that is not lame, or sitting on the canal in good company. When I’m there I can feel that it’s a smaller community than Paris. And let’s face it, the Dutch are awesome. I can find all those random cooking ingredients and superfoods in Amsterdam. It’s just so refreshing.

This time up with the Dutch, I discovered some new extraordinary spots, and was lucky enough to spend a dry summer weekend…. and it all started with breakfast at De Bakkerswinkel, my favorite spot.



Newly discovered favorite spots:

Brouwerij de Prael – Brewery

Two for Joy – Café

You can see my full Amsterdam guide here.


Valerie found this fantastic recipe for quinoa buffalo patties one day, and thought that it would be the perfect sleepover grub. It was indeed. And the cherry on top were some delicious Belgian beers.

Lately I’m totally digging these tunes.

Simple looks are always great.

Drooling over these rugs.

My dream bag.

Do you know Brasilite? They covered a Yelp Elite event a while back and it was lovely.

Donut everything. 

Such a snazzy project.

I’m dreaming of Konnerup & Co chocolate… still.

Don’t forget to save the date for this Vide Dressing!


This past weekend Olivia had a -->Cleopatra’s Bling --> Jewellery vente privée at Sugar Daze. It was a gloomy day, and some bling and a cupcake was the perfect way to brighten it up with some familiar faces.

I am constantly falling in love with the treasures Olivia brings back from her travels… the stunning stones and appalling vintage pieces from places that seem like a world away. They are the perfect addition to any outfit, simple beauties to be incorporated with any style. Add a little color to your fingers.

The cherry on top of this fantastic Sunday, was the opportunity to indulge in my favorite flavor cupcake at Sugar Daze, the cotton candy cupcake called I Want Candy. It sounds a bit crazy, but boy is it delicious: a vanilla cake with cotton candy flavored buttercream…topped with a marshmallow and all.


There are some exciting things coming up here on the blog.

Recently I’ve met a pretty awesome Coloradan (there are quite a few of us here in Paris…!), who is the mastermind behind . If there’s one thing about us Colorodans, it’s that we are about good food and drinks, community, and the great people that are behind these communities. There are so many stories to be told. Before I get into what PÜR FOOD PARIS is all about and what they are helping food lovers everywhere discover, let me fill you in on the founder, Kate.

Kate is a Colorado native that has lived in various countries in Europe before making Paris her base. She’s ambitious and cultivated, and has a knack for finding high quality delicious treats. PÜR FOOD PARIS is oriented towards discovering and hand picking the perfect partners and producers in key European countries, giving them the opportunity for their quality products to cross continental borders, language barriers and cultures to a boutique somewhere near you.

The products offered by Kate’s company are all hand picked, and she has traveled and met each producer and has been able to develop a unique business offer for their particular product and values. Her client list spans from here in Paris to London to Stockholm, Berlin to Dublin to Amsterdam, and in the near future to New York City, Hong Kong, Saint Martin & St Barth’s.

What PÜR FOOD PARIS is all about:
“We work with independent and exclusive EU-only producers from Denmark, Sweden, England, Italy, France and Belgium of exceptional and innovative food and drinks, from biodynamic champagnes, to rare reindeer meat and the jams made from the world’s rarest Arctic Circle berries, or the best selection of gourmet gluten-free products. As we hand-select each our partners and their products, we seek to offer only the best.”

How great does all of that sound? Connecting small, innovative, quality food and lifestyle products to hungry and gastronomically curious markets in various cultures …it’s as exciting as can be.

Throughout our conversations, I could immediately feel how well De quelle planète es-tu and PÜR FOOD PARIS could mesh together. Kate’s company focuses on products of exceptional quality, innovation, creativity, and pure European-ness. I was immediately drawn in to- and interested in- what they stand for, as well as the kind of producers and partners that they work with. The products have their own stories, and are created, made or produced by passionate people across Europe.

I am always keen to learn about new flavors and foods. After meeting Kate and reminiscing about our Colorado days over lunch at Higuma, I was so thrilled to be able to be a part of PÜR FOOD PARIS’s global introduction to the Parisian landscape, and to the world.

Without further ado, I’d like to introduce a chocolate brand that caught my heart at first sight: Konnerup & Co


These are quite possibly the most original chocolates of Denmark, with the most preciously color-combination wrapped chocolate bars and the perfect mix of classic and unique flavors. I know Scandinavians are known for their creative taste, but these chocolates by far are at the top of my list inside and out.

The chocolaterie Konnerup & Co was founded in 2003, and quickly grew in response to their quality craftsmanship, superior products, and not to mention their innovative edge. Konnerup & Co hand picks their ingredients carefully, and they step outside the box with their divine flavor combinations.

What makes this quality chocolaterie even more unique and dreamy is that they have created their facilities in an old Danish Inn, offering a full experience when you visit. I for one, am daydreaming of going to Denmark someday already, but now I just have to go and see the chocolaterie and try some of their fresh churned ice cream one summer afternoon.

    Back to the Konnerup & Co exceptionally well crafted beautiful chocolate bars: The 30g bars with precious phrases on the wrappers like “Have we met before?” or “Unwrap me, eat me, enjoy me” are the perfect size, and are ideal for gifts…. or to gobble down with a friend in front of a good movie. Flavors like the “Have we met before?” marzipan covered with 70% dark chocolate, “Unwrap me, eat me, enjoy me” crunchy praline, “Eat me before I melt” white yoghurt with orange and blackcurrant or “You’re on fire” milk chocolate and strong licorice are bound to make your jaw drop a little. I am a huge marzipan fan, so when I popped a bite of that one in my mouth fireworks went off. There was the perfect amount of marzipan and the perfect consistency of delicious dark chocolate.

The brand’s chocolate is also available in tablets. White chocolate and lemon, which I found to be so tangy and delicious, was like no chocolate I had ever tasted. I fell hard for the peanut and milk chocolate tablet, and loved that the peanut halves were visible on the tablet… I could see the crafted added value. You can see their entire selection on their website


In Paris you can purchase the 30g adorably named chocolate bars them at the Publicis Drugstore

(if you haven’t been there already you probably should because it is a magical place).

Go and buy some high quality chocolate for a loved one.

There will be more culinary & lifestyle adventures with DE QUELLE PLANETE ES TU x PÜR FOOD PARIS, so stay tuned on the blog.

Website coming soon!

[email protected]

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