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I always love roaming the hoods of the 10th, especially after stopping by my favorite restaurant in Paris. The neighborhood around La Chapelle is filled with life. At times perhaps not the most comfortable to stroll for some, but if you have a chance to give it a wander, I highly suggest it. It’s filled with so much culture, and a different taste of Paris.

Olivia is passionate about India, and this neighborhood gave her a little taste of the culture she missed so much. Before heading over to the Lillet Rosé Launch Party, we popped in this market located right south of the exit of the metro stop La Chapelle. Ginger fest at its best.

I was going through these pictures and realized how full of color they are, and I just had to share them. This market’s shelves were organized with bright, beautiful packaging and Olivia fit in just right.

Who knew something as simple as someone grocery shopping could be so photogenic?

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She also featured these images on her blog a few weeks ago, here.

If you’re curious about that epic necklace she’s rocking, -->check out her Etsy shop here -->.


The nice weather isn’t charming us with its presence this year I suppose. I’m in Colorado for a few weeks, and I’m thinking of my summer memories when this time of year was a heatwave of poolside goodness and sweaty hikes. In Paris this time of year it was thought to be Spring.

I was going through some old pictures, and I found images from this little adventure escaping from the chills with Olivia in the Marché Couvert des Batignolles one morning.

I had never been before, and boy, was I in for a surprise.  There were so many various vendors, and since it was a weekday morning, we basically had the place to ourselves. Flowers, pastries, meat, dairy, fruits & veggies, regional stands…..this covered market has got it all, and was the perfect escape from the windy Parisian streets.

Olivia is a local there, so it was nice to stroll and interact with the vendors she goes to weekly to fill her basket.

The brightly colored flowers made my day.

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I am getting back into the swing of the Parisian lifestyle. My little break back home in Denver sure was an adventure and it was so lovely to rediscover the streets and places I used to know so well.

These pictures are taken at the market that pops up in my neighborhood a few times a week. It is always so fun to roam and awe over the bright colors of fruits, veggies and so much more. It makes me so ready to grab a bag of fruit and sit in a park. What are your favorite things to do in your neighborhood?

Today I went to Champagne for the first time, and I will post on this very soon. It was quite the experience and boy the French countryside is stunning.

. . . . .

I just did my first contribution to the site Untapped Cities! Check it out here.

I am ready for spring. Paris, what is up with this weather?

Got back to my Denver roots last week, more posts to come on that soon!

Spending some more time in Las Vegas sounds like fun.

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Make some paper carrot cuts for Easter!

So many wonderful shoes...

A Sunday Spin at the Brocante

On one ordinary Sunday, my neighborhood had a brocante. Louis and I went to take a spin at all the precious trinkets they had to offer (yes, this is the brocante where I found my rotary phone). It was a small brocante, but was packed with so many lovely things.

Roaming these things is one of my favorite things to do. To find out more about different weekend brocantes, click here.

Hope you had a happy weekend!


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