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Morrison Adventures

Morrison, Colorado

It’s funny to go back to places you used to know really well.

Well, I mean, you still know them, but to think about the time you spent in the space. Morrison is a town full of memories from my fond years at Red Rocks Elementary, right at the bottom of the hill by Red Rocks Amphitheater. Morrison has some great little shops, full of antiques and lovely trinkets. Cafés such as Café Prague or Beso, th e classis Morrison Inn for a killer margarita. The Morrison Country Store reminds me of going to get heart-shaped gobstoppers after class. The Blue Cow and it’s soft serve ice cream. It’s taken for granted all these red rocks and it is all so picture-esque.

However, it would be more beautiful with a dash of snow- the dash of snow that Denver has not experienced yet… fingers crossed for today. Everyone should make it to this part of Colorado for a breathtaking view. Enough said.

Cookies & friends

L’Île au Blé Noir

For a little taste of Bretagne, stop by this little resto on rue Raymond Losserand for a buckwheat crepe. Amongst many lunch formulas, the menu even has a one of kind-not-so-french-item: make your own galette! You choose your toppings and such and they make your customized galette. Although classics are always delicious, with a bolée of cider, of course. Our menu for the luncheon consisted of  : *Galette Nordique: saumon, pomme de terre, crème fraîche, citron (salmon, potatoes, sour cream, and lemon)… it’s heaven. And secondly for the monsieur, *Galette classique: oeuf, jambon, gruyère (egg, ham, & cheese)….very classic and always delicious. Followed by…dessert! Our choices were a *Sugar & Butter Crêpe, and a *Salted Butter and Caramel Crêpe (a classic of Bretagne). Then of course you will be full, but you will not regret it because nothing is better than a buckwheat crêpe and a glass of chilled cider.

L’Ile au Blé Noir
80, rue Raymond Losserand, Paris 14th
Métro: Pernety (line 13)