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Sugar Daddy’s Bakery

Of course I would find a cupcake shop in Beirut. And these ones are moist, sweet, and absolutely scrumptious.

Tucked behind the upper gate of LAU lies a precious street full of sweetshops in Qoreitem. Amongst the baklava shops and candie shops is a petit shop called Sugar Daddy’s Bakery (for a brief history on the immersion of cupcakes in Beirut with Sugar Daddy’s, click here) with cupcakes and pie galore (and not to mention… carrot cake). You can also grab a lil’ ‘ahway’ to go with your cupcake or treat during their morning Happy Hour or grab it all to go. And of course, since it’s Lebanon, delivery is indeed available. (1 Cupcake = 3,000LL).

Check out their website for more information on custom orders and cakes, and definitely stop by and grab one of their superb cupcakes for a little taste of heaven, or a taste of home– depending where ‘home’ is– but a cupcake is sure to brighten your day in any situation. The cupcake is officially global.

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Sugar Daddy’s Bakery



Tucked off north of Rue Gouraud in Gemmayzeh is a little shop: Kitsch. In this little shop, your mind can wander through all of it’s precious things. Little books, little knick-knacks, and of course: little cupcakes. Although the cleverly-touched clothing is often a bit up in price range, it is still a wonderful place to browse. It may be tiny, but it’s certainly a place filled with treasures. Grab a cupcake or a muffin, and sit and chat in the living-room-like-café, with lovely mismatching couches and precious tables.

Address: Right north of Rue Gouraud (14 rue Gemmayzeh), Gemmayzeh

Telephone: 01 575 075