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Happy Halloween!

You can’t have Halloween without candy corn. It’s simply a fact.

I’m so grateful that I have some to munch on for the special occasion. Only Brach’s will do! I remember those cold Colorado trick-or-treating  adventures whenI’d have to put a handful of Tootsie Rolls between my palms to make them soften up enough to be able to gobble ’em up. ….The wonders of mountain Halloween adventures in the snow.

I think my favorite costume of all of my years actually dressing up was when I was a Hershey’s Kiss. I wish I could still fit into that costume!

I wish you all the happiest of Halloweens.

Hallow’s Eve… in Twinland

So Halloween was always a field day for my mother. Costumes for two little punkins, right?


This week I’m thinking about all of my Halloween memories in the states. Ridiculous adventures trick-or-treating, consuming enormous amounts of candy corn, and running through haunted corn mazes. La vie est belle quoi.

Let’s see if we can translate this cliché Halloween expectation into a Parisian funland amongst my other Americanized homies.


. . . . . 

I pretty much want every outfit in post by Calivintage; featuring the new line by Lavenham.

I still have not been to Italy. Pret-à-Voyager has me currently craving Venice.

Bread packaging at its finest: Allinson via Lovely Package.

I’m feeling the spooks with Haleigh‘s new pictures from Père Lachaise. It is such a beautiful hideaway in Paris, and can be particularly spooky if you go with the right lighting.

A new skeleton background right here at Totally Severe.

This recipe from Canelle & Vanille just looks so scrumptious.

I love lemon everything.

My friend has a snazzy blog. Read it!

is simply DIVINE. Have you seen it? I want this. That site is just eye candy at its finest… from the graphics to the products. OY.

And in case you missed it on Oh Happy Day, Jordan has some great downloads for Photobooth Props!

Autumn Chill

Nothing is better than the sun with the chills in the fall. It makes those cold days more bearable with a great tint to the sky and a stroll through a crisp park.

This particular Saturday was just perfection at the Jardins de Luxembourg in Paris’s 6th. It has a classic Parisian feel to it, and is just beautiful and charming in the fall.

This week has been busy, but luckily not quite as cold.

Check back for more posts on the recent grub excursions, Café de l’Industrie & Le Refuge des Fondues. I always love Pain & Chocolat but am hoping to discover some new places this weekend.

I’m getting the urge to travel…. especially in France. I’ve got a few thing on my calendar coming later this fall. I’m already anxious. Please share your suggestions in France (besides Paris, of course…! I’m curious!)

Wouldn’t these boots be perfect for strolling in Paris? Check them out on Kork-Ease’s website.



‘Round ‘Round We Go

These weeks have been flying by. Flying by extremely fast. And now that it’s cold it is officially autumn. What has been keeping you sane these fast few chilly days?

. . . . .

This week Jordan did a lovely post for DIY Photobooth Props, and I acted as her mini models to test ’em out, which I am most definitely going to have to implement in the near future at the photobooth!

As you saw from my last post, we had a delicious brunch on Sunday. Haleigh added her photos from that delightful Sunday as well and you can check them out right here.

Have you seen yet? It’s pretty much an awesome that and I started. Cats, you know…

My friend Ana Clara is assisting on a documentary currently being filmed here, you can check out her stories on Paris’s Love Lockumentary right here.

A Picnic Brunch at Le Petit Resto…. Dans La Prairie

It’s Monday. Mondays are usually pretty heinous, so this post is dedicated to the yesteryears, the brunch of the previous Sunday.

The brunch this Sunday was at Le Petit Resto Dans La Prairie, a fully decorated (and not to mention eclectic) farm picnic, with knick-knacks everywhere you look. You can even ask Miss Making Magique, and that this place is flipping adorable.  It’s tucked away on the Passage des Petites Écuries in the 10th, remember how big the 10th is…? OY.

The brunch formule is 25 euros. A bit pricier for a Sunday morning expense, but the lovely staff and adorable atmosphere made it fitting.

Included you get:

  • an orange préssée or juice of your choice
  • a hot beverage of your choice,
  • one of several main course choices (cheeseburger, salmon & avocado carpaccio, farm salad with goat cheese, etc. all served with delicious homemade fries) and
  • a dessert of your choice

The dessert of the day was a peach-banana cold soup, it was absolutely divine. I guess you could call it a smoothie, but oh dear it was served in the most precious bowl (that I WILL find if it is the death of me). The meal overall was very filling, and I must admit it was perfect, the only thing missing was an egg.

In this chilly autumn weather, sometimes the best thing is to be tucked inside a cozy place. This little place definitely filled that need!

Le Petit Resto Dans La Prairie
9/9 bis Cour des Petites Ecuries
Métro: Château d’Eau (4), Bonne Nouvelle (8,9)


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