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This epic video Paris, on t’aime aussi makes my heart all warm and fuzzy.

I’m getting pretty nervous about Tuesday’s election results. I’m a sucker for a well-made video and I found . Sidenote: !

Rachel’s pictures of Colorado always make me feel super homesick.

Our brains need rest, guys.

I recently had dinner at Bien Élevé in Paris, and what a gem! Great food, great space, and takes reservations.

In case you didn’t see how awesome our trip to Copenhagen was.

Did you grow up watching Peanuts? Major love this Stranger Things mashup. Now I’m super motivated to watch before the holiday season…

Who’s watching The Crown!?

My Sundays are for homemade pizza and movies.

Fall has hit. It’s official. It’s that weird weather where you want to wear a lighter jacket but it’s actually quite chilly, don’t let the sunshine fool you.

Americans abroad, I sure hope you have registered to vote.

New haven in the 17th, Mamma Primi documented by Roxy (I’m stoked cos it’s doable for lunch breaks)

Late to sharing this, but I shared some places I like on Yelp’s “Ma slow rentrée”, check it out!

Completely jealous of Marissa’s Maldives trip. Drool.

If you haven’t seen it, I made a little video documenting my friend Anne getting French nationality.

A stellar review on Maria Grazia Chiuri’s first Dior show.

, one of the greatest Instagram accounts.

Not to get too into politics, but here’s an open letter to Mr. Trump from angry women.


It’s been far too long since I’ve done my Sunday reads and link shares. Here we go, one way late. In honor of Paris Beer Week this past week, a little nostalgic photo of a random 6-pack from a local liquor store in Colorado with a couple of my favorites.

I’ve been stepping up my homebrew game. Follow more with

In case you haven’t already seen it: Anne collaborated to create this epic map of Small Shops in Paris.

Can we just talk about cherry blossoms for a minute? via Ambitieuse.

Had the pleasure of viewing the Parson’s Paris senior collections. Incredibly talented students. Check out what was up .

Crazy roads across the globe. via Mashable.

Food for thought. The eternal nature of storytelling. via Fast Company.

So jealous of my buddy Rachel’s most recent off roading trip in Moab.

While dreaming of American landscapes, I finally got around to putting up my little post about 7 Hours in Dallas with my favorite Texan.

Inspiring ways to take mozzarella sticks to the next level. via Buzzfeed.

Haleigh’s Marseille post has got me wanting to head down South. via Making Magique.

Funny, as I sit and compile this post, I realize that this time last year I was in the exact same spot.

Louis and I’s apartment was featured on Rue Rodier recently. Although we plan to move in the near future, I am so in love with these pictures!

I kind of wish all of these phrases were used regularly.

6 characteristics of truly creative people.

After seeing photos from Carin’s recent trip to Rome, I have decided I’ve got to make it there at some point within the next year.

One of my new favorite places in Paris, up in the 19th. Brunch highly suggested when the sun is out.

I’m already dreaming of Colorado for Christmas… Here’s a look at a perfect Colorado summer.

Discovered Brasserie de la Senne not too long ago. I’m itched to get myself to Brussels in the near future.

Did you see Anne’s epic Skillshare classes? On the menu: Map Making, revamping professional dox/CV & getting to know InDesign.

De quelle planète es-tu on for the same spice but in grid form.

Know of anyone heading to Paris? I’m always keeping my Paris Guide up to date with my favorite spots in the city.

Lately I’ve been wishing there was a good place for donuts in Paris. Le sigh.

This little getaway on Haleigh’s blog in the Loire has got me craving a weekend away

I am all for Les Merveilleux de Fred! Lindsey’s top five pastry spots in Paris on WSJ.

Craving some of these

Ashlae is making me really miss the Rockies and want to get in the kitchen to make these cookies.

Some fun facts about beer.


Happy Mother’s Day, do all of you mother’s out there. My mom will be visiting in June, and to say the least, I am SO excited. Seeing her once a year is clearly not enough as I just want to hang out with her all the time. There will be many evenings with wine and cheese, strolls along the Seine, late night chit-chats and all of that cliché stuff. I am so grateful to have been raised by a woman so kind and with such a big heart, who taught us to be open minded, passionate, patient and ambitious.

On a sidenote, I am obsessed with .

Katie is having a giveaway for a mother-daughter shoot in Paris on her blog!

I wouldn’t mind going on this exact date tonight.

The Cut featured Elena, the lady behind The Illusionists.

10 reasons to add chia seeds to your diet.

One year ago I was rambling about this place.

Anne’s awesome story about her trip to Monaco for Fathom, and how it got all over Kate Spade.


I really want this growler carrier.

Drooling so much over this.

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