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I’m not yet at the age where heaps of my friends are getting married. It’s starting. For example, this is only the second wedding I’ve ever been to! (The first one was also documented on here). That said, I’m eternally bummed about missing two dear friend’s wedding last summer due to distance and a new job, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to be a part of more celebrations for dear ones in the future. Because quite simply, seeing people so so happy and being a part of such a celebration is one of the most magical things.

This September someone I really care about got hitched, my fromager friend Romain. We met in our Master’s program here in Paris, and he’s probably one of the sweetest humans I’ve ever met, so to head down to the Aquitaine with the other two members of our quartet, Coline and Mohamed, was just the best way to finish off the summer season. The simplicity and beauty of their wedding was beyond rad, full of brocante-themed details, bubbly and dancing. The adorable little Mairie was in a small town north of Bordeaux, near the newlywed’s new home, and the reception was in a beautifully modest local castle (to which I unfortunately did not bring my camera, cos boy was it beautifully decorated a rustic-vintage charm, streamers and table decor galore!).

Last but not least, a little side note on how epic French celebration meals are— they start so late after already stuffing one’s face in amuse-bouche and hors-d’oeuvres, and so they finish so late but it’s all just so wonderful and because of all the happiness in celebration of love, no one even realizes they’re tired! Leaving the dinner table at 3am isn’t always a bad thing, especially if it’s to get up and boogie to Claude-François and Jean-Jacques Goldman (Google both of these people now if you haven’t heard of them, and yes, you will probably hear their songs at any type of huge French gathering, notably weddings).

It was a very happy weekend, so much love to the newlyweds. And total props to Romain on the cheese course, he knows his stuff.


For Louis and I’s anniversary, I got a scrumptious cake from Sugar Daze. Like last year, I like to put a little phrase on top to personalize it a bit for my love. I like to keep things simple and heartfelt, and a cake certainly does the trick. This tradition of ours will certainly go on forever and ever.

What better way to celebrate love than with a delicious cake?

What do you do on your special days?


These past four years have flown by. So many adventures at different corners of the globe together. The days come and go but traditions give us an excuse to stop and think about things a little bit. This usually also involves a cake in our little nest. Going through some old pictures, all the memories start coming in in waves and replaying in my head…it’s when I realize à nouveau how lucky I am to get to share such a love. To four years, and many more to come with this fantastic fella.


On this special day, we feasted. It was such a foggy cold, and somewhat stressful day, so a night to let loose and feast certainly brought a smile to everyone’s face and ease to everyone’s minds. Of the group we had people of various nationalities, with various diets and allergy restrictions. I am so grateful for our delicious feast that everyone could dive into.

Everyone brought one of their favorite things; I always go with the southern style deviled eggs that my favorite Texan always made. We had a table full of turkey, Valerie’s mashed potatoes, gluten free pumpkin pie, shepherd’s pie, spinach dip, roasted squash and onions and of course, a hearty salad by my honey. It was a feast of champions.

What are you thankful for this year?

This year has been a particular one. A whirlwind of a transition that hasn’t ended yet. It’s almost like nothing feels stable and yet there are things to look forward to, but the stability hasn’t fully hit yet. I can feel it coming. A rhythm. One thing that breaks these types of limbos for me are tradition. I think tradition is such an important thing.

Thanksgiving is a staple in the year for many reasons. Not only is it a heartwarming holiday that brings people together around grub, but it is a marker for things… like setting up your Christmas tree, or the “Go Ahead” to watching Christmas movies. Thanksgiving is the top of the slide right before you hop on and glide through holiday spirit and joy until the new year. Mathilde said it perfectly when we were going around the room each expressing what we were thankful for this year, and she reflected on how nice it is to just stop and really think about that subject, and to take time to communicate it.

Life has gotten a bit ahead of me. I always need a little reality check to realize what a lucky lady I am to have had an incredible education, to be starting a career that I love and living in a beautiful city with a fantastic fella with whom I am so in love. I have a healthy family and will soon have a beautiful baby nephew. I have a cozy home full of love and friends who care about me. I am grateful for all of the people who have stepped into my life this year, and for those whose friendships have a place deep in my heart – who are family to me – whether it’s in this adoptive city of mine or across various bodies of water.

Gobble gobble.


To celebrate the four years of documentation on her blog, Prête-Moi Paris, Melissa had a little celebration in her Parisian nest.

The evening showcased 5 brands: Sugar Daze Bake Shop, Mon Champagne, Kasia Dietz Handbags,  and Vintage Galerie.

Amongst many familiar faces, I also had the opportunity to meet a few other Parisian bloggers who I had never met prior- off of the digital sphere.

The soirée had pink festivities galore, with precious snacks and girly goodness.

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