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Colorado is, in my eyes, one of the most beautiful places on the planet. The richness of the views in almost any direction, or climate, are breathtaking. Being home for the holidays was the perfect excuse to take it all in, and let my mind reminisce the simple times. It’s a funny feeling, being somewhere so familiar with your lover for whom, despite being several times, it will always be so new. Something as simple as driving unexpectedly down a certain street or passing a random food chain can ignite crazy memories of teenage shenanigans. I often think about my pre-teen and teenage life in the Rockies, and about all the things I did and experienced, and how its all shaped me to be the woman I am today. I also wonder sometimes what my life would be like had I never left for a year abroad in France when I was 16. Not that I have any regrets at all whatsoever, but sometimes I wonder what kind of woman I would have become.


Dinner dates with a homegirl are just the best. So for a little background, my best friend Liz loves her some pizza. Her house parties even in high school always involved delicious homemade pizza that I will never forget. Even when we did a summer internship in New York together during Uni, I always trusted her judgement when it came to pizza joints.

Anyways, she took me to one of her favorite Denver spots, Hops & Pie, for a dinner date when I was last in the Mile High City. I secretly wish there was one in Paris that I could go to all the fucking time because it was some top notch mountain pie. You can pair a brew with your artisanal pizza, with the help of their divine beer menu in a simple Mead binder (yeah, the kind you use in Elementary and Middle School… simplicity = key): cans, bottles and pours from both Colorado and other state’s craft breweries. The bar is impréssionnant, with the colorful taps lined up and loud conversation happening. It really is just a good place to be. That’s a nice feeling when you’re out to eat.

Simple and family friendly with a little hustle bustle, it’s some of Denver’s best pizza and the perfect spot for a dinner out or to be delivered to you while you’re binge watching a good series on Netflix.

Hops & Pie
3920 Tennyson Street
Denver, CO 80212


The folks behind Kate’s Wine Bar opened a new little gem in downtown Littleton: Jake’s Brew Bar. Jake’s Brew Bar is like a coffeeshop and pub combined, offering delicious Novo coffees and craft beer in a lovely and cozy atmosphere. It’s pretty much fantastic. Since my mom just loves this place, it was at the top of our list for our day out together. As it was quite early in the morning, we went with an Irish Coffee and a morning snack.

The brew bar is decorated  all around the owner’s father’s personality & hobbies, Jake (Kate’s hubby). There are vintage sports posters & ads as well as battle knick knacks all over to emphasize the old-fashioned masculine feel. It sure is a throwback! I’m a big fan of the huge  vintage wool American flag that’s hanging in the entryway. Gosh, I keep thinking about how fun it probably was to decorate this place.

If I lived in the Denver area, I think I would be at Jake’s all the time to hang out, read, relax or even just play board games and sip a delicious craft beer. It’s totally my cup of tea.

P.S. The black and white photo in the 2nd row of photos is a picture of Kate & Jake. Isn’t that precious?

P.P.S. On my previous trip to Denver, I did a post on Kate’s Wine Bar. 

2540 W. Main Street
Littleton, CO 80120