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With this winter cold, a warm cup of tea does just the thing.

Have you seen all the adorable tea party goodness on ?

Need some tips on making a good chai?

I just love this mint sweater.

This place looks fabulous for snacks and tea.

One of my favorite spots for an afternoon tea is Colorova.

Dying to go back to Amsterdam just to go to this place.

Tea parties out are great… so are tea parties at home.

Where do you like to sip tea and stay cozy in the winter?


Sometimes all I need is a warm cup of tea on a rainy gray winter day.

My teacups pair so nicely with my napkins from Lovely Stitch. Aren’t they just a stitch?! Hehe. If you are looking for little tea time accessories, it’s definitely the place to look!

You can follow Kaylee, the gal who makes so many fabulous things, on and  as well.

Tea Time at the Mosque

The Paris mosque is a place that everyone should take the time to discover… it’s a hidden treasure. [{Although you can’t go in the traditional mosque side, they have a restaurant, tea room and hammam in the back!]

Not only is there an indoor patio and tea room, but an entire restaurant! The restaurant offers classic + delicious delights from North African cuisine and is the perfect place for a big dinner as they have beautiful round metal tables that seat many. I’d also like to mention that this resto is a great place for groups in general! I had one of my birthday dinners here a few years back and it was  just wonderful! They were so kind. As a group of about 25, we all enjoyed delicious tajine and the works with a tea to digest it all at the end for under 20 euros each!

However, for those days where you happen to be strolling in the  5th district of Paris and you’re looking for a place to stop and rest for a bit…. for only 2euros you can enjoy a green tea on the patio or in the tea room! While sipping your tea you can admire the colors, decoration and atmosphere of this wonderful place. Even if it’s a bit chilly, the colors and hot green tea will give you a shot of energy to continue on with your day with a smile (I hope, because this place sure does make me smile!).

P.S. This entrance is also where there is a hammam. AND  the Mosque is right next to the Jardin des Plantes- one of the most stunning parks in Paris that has museums and rose gardens and many other amazing things.

P.P.S. Speaking of tea…… If you haven’t been to Le Loir Dans Le Theiere, you should go there and get cozy with a cup of tea!

Mosquée de Paris
Address: 39 rue Geoffrey Saint-Hilaire, 5ème
Métro: Place Monge ou Censier Daubenton (ligne 7)

Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse


This is just the loveliest of places. And after a wild night in Boulder on New Year’s Eve, you can’t find a better brunch in town.

I was hesitant in choosing my brunch meal due to the fact that everything looked divine, but I settled for the Salmon Benedict, which the waiter had so kindly assured as delicious. Louis took the Mediterranean Salad with a big scoop of hummus. The coffee mugs alone were precious, and their Chai is absolutely a must-to-try. I probably should have tasted like four of their teas, but we had a long drive up to the Stanley Hotel afterwards.

For a Sunday morning, let alone New Year’s Day,  it was nice and calm. I heard through the grapevine I hear it fills up around dinner time.

The beautiful and serene decorations will distract you from your date, so be prepared! For the experience you get, this is definitely worth your buck- making a 2 person brunch a great deal for a bout $40 including loads of coffee/chai and such. If you’re up in gorgeous Boulder, don’t pass this up.

On a side note, I highly suggest the Salmon Benedict, I am now addicted to poached eggs.

You can consult their menu online here.

Dushanbe Tea House
1770 13th Street
Boulder, Colorado 80302