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I want Candy

As Spring approaches, I want more sweets. However, I miss my good old American snacks… not gonna lie. Gobstoppers, Sweettarts, Tootsie Rolls… a different genre, but it’s in the back of my head and always is first on my list of things I miss in the states-io!

However, I still like French sweets. And taking pictures of French sweets.

Gotta get some more. These are already making my mouth water. What are other good candies? Oh snap, I’m a sweet tooth, but not as much as a certain Brazilian I know… Vane….!!!!!

Homemade Chocolate Mousse

Take a bunch of eggs, depending on how many people you plan on making mousse for (or how many bowls you intend on eating) and separate the egg-whites in a large mixing bowl. Do whatever you want with the yolks. Whip the eggwhites until the texture becomes fluffy and opaque, the fluffier- the better.

Simultaneously, melt chocolat noir in a pan with a chunk of butter, but be careful not to burn it. Mix and add mix if it appears to be too think- it should be somewhat liquidy. (I am not a cook, so please excuse my lack of specific measurements… this seems to be done by memory by Louis) SO! Next step! When you have the liquidy chocolate in one bowl, and the fluffy, opaque, white, meringue-looking egg-whites- mix the two together (but not too much! Or it will lose it’s fluff!)

And voilà- put the mixture into (preferably, my choice…) bonne maman jelly jars and put in the fridge to sit and chill for about 4 hours.

Bon appétit!