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​The City of Light has been exploding with all things ​beer over the past couple of years: breweries launching, specialized boutiques opening up shop, cozy cafés offering local craft beers on tap, an atelier where you can learn to brew your own beer, but also the classic taverns in the game offering neighboring Belgium’s trappist and abbey ales with moules-frites and the local soccer match on. Craft beer becoming more popular in Paris over the past two years especially means more places to find delicious beer and discover small European breweries that you may not have otherwise. It’s just all so wonderful!

Sometimes nothing is better than a cold beer of your choosing at a cute spot with good company. Here is a list of some of my favorite places to indulge:
Bar L’orillon (Brasserie with yummy beers on tap)
El Tast (Charcuterie & bottle shop with selection of bottled beers chilled to enjoy sur place)
Express de Lyon (Your typical neighborhood corner bar that happens to have heaps of craft beer on tap)
Falstaff (Tavern with heaps of Belgian beer)
Fontaine de Belleville (Traditional French décor brasserie with local beer & coffee)
Hoppy Corner (Bar with 15 or so taps of craft beer & snacks)
Le Triangle (Gastropub and microbrewery)
Les Trois 8 (Craft beer pub with killer cheese & meat platters)
Paname Brewing Company (Taproom, great terrace for the warmer months)
Supercoin (Dive bar with great beers on top & in bottles)