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Only a whopping 5 minute walk from where I live is this magical place, the Jardin des Serres d’Auteuil.

If you are a Parisian and know how crowded all the major parks get on a hot day with a cloudless sky, you can imagine how nice it is to have one that is never THAT crowded right next to your apartment. A true luxury if you ask me. There’s always space, it’s calm and a stress-free zone. Plus, there are greenhouses you can take a stroll through if you dare.

I will admit that rain or shine I love this place, for a jog, for a picnic, for a stroll… it’s just fantastic and a staple in my little Parisian life.


This past fall, a very talented lady friend took some pictures of Olivia and I at one of my favorite Parisian places, the Serres d’Auteuil. The greenhouses were perfect for Stacey’s whimsical photography style. The air was crisp and the red and orange leaves ha fallen and were all over the park.

Our denim outfits left us a bit chilly, but it was pure magic to be in the beautiful greenhouses escaping the chill and feeling like we were far far away somewhere tropical.

   All photos by Stacey Lamb