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Frenzy de Macarons

These macaroons  [fraise-vanille, to be exact] from Dominique Saibron just happened to be super photogenic the other day.

As spring was approaching I figure I’d get some colorful macaroons to snack on while cleaning up the apartment. Little did I come to find that these little homies were just too cute to not take photos of! Hence the reason for having a post of two macaroons…. They were, indeed, delicious. Un petit goût d’une spécialité française.

More close ups of sweets to come, because I just find them so attractive and scrumptious!

I want Candy

As Spring approaches, I want more sweets. However, I miss my good old American snacks… not gonna lie. Gobstoppers, Sweettarts, Tootsie Rolls… a different genre, but it’s in the back of my head and always is first on my list of things I miss in the states-io!

However, I still like French sweets. And taking pictures of French sweets.

Gotta get some more. These are already making my mouth water. What are other good candies? Oh snap, I’m a sweet tooth, but not as much as a certain Brazilian I know… Vane….!!!!!

Chettinadu Part III


Oh dear, I always end up here. I just can’t go long without it!

15, rue Cail, 75010
Métro: a Chapelle (2) or Gare du Nord (5/7)


[Photos from trip in May 2010]

Only an hour and ten minute train ride out of Paris Gare Saint Lazare and you’re on the seaside in Deauville. On the English channel, Deauville is a precious town separated by a little river to Trouville. Both are filled with little shops and restaurants along the quai with parked boats and the sound of waves. It’s perfect in the springtime or if you want to take a pop in the water, summer is ideal. It’s chic atmosphere is also cozy with just about every sense of relaxtion you can think of. Along the water and the quais are tini restaurants with outdoor seating with savory crêpes and moules-frîtes to suit your fancy. But also try some Calvados, just for the sake of being in Normandy.

You can take a little boat from Trouville to Deauville (the other side of the marina) which takes about 10 minutes, but it’s fun if you don’t feel like walking all the way around it. The Deauville side is filled with high end shops and cafés and the likes. On the water is also the ever-so-famous Casino of Deauville, where you can hit the slots with a gin tonic on the seaside where the Deauville American Film Festival is held annually. For more info on Deauville in general, click here.

When I went last spring, we stayed in the Hotel Le Fer A Cheval and it was absolutely precious and right in the town center. It was the perfect weekend trip outside of Paris. Tickets can be anywhere from 8-20euros one-way, and you can get them on the SNCF website.

Only an hour and a half and you’re at the seaside.

Strolling in the 2nd

I feel ashamed to say that I have been in Paris for so long but I never went to appreciate the preciousness of the 2nd around Etienne Marcel (line 4) and Sentier (line 3).

Boy was I dumb- it is too cute! Rue Montmarte leads to Rue Tiquetonne (very à la française, often where photos like on the Sartorialist are taken, amongst other street fashion blogs) which is right on Rue Montorgueile which is just packed with cafés and shops. You can get carried away… especially in Kiliwatch. Vintage shoes and urban clothing, foulards galore! While you’re at it pop by Royal Cheese and admire their Cheap Monday denim wall… It is definitely a different atmosphere on this side of town!

On the one day where it happened to be 18 degrees (Celsius) , Caro and I were roaming the 2nd. All the springtime chairs were out for the sidewalk cafés with their walls folded back to get some of the sun and passerbys. We stumbled upon Le Coeur Fou, and Le Café Noir. Perfect places for a glass of red wine and a good conversation.

Stroll down Rue Montorgeuil and Rue Tiquetonne… you’re bound to find a few things you like.

. . . .

Experimental Cocktail Club – Cocktail Bar – Etienne Marcel

Footsie’s – Bar – Opera

Frenchie – Restaurant – Sentier

Frog & Rosbif – Pub – Etienne Marcel

Kiliwatch – Vintage and Modern Clothing Shop – Etienne Marcel

L’Atelier du Chocolat – Chocolat Shop – Sentier / Etienne Marcel

Le Café Noir – Bar/Café – Grands Boulevards

Le Coeur Fou – Bar/Café – Etienne Marcel / Sentier

Le Dénicheur – Café / Brunch Restaurant – Etienne Marcel / Sentier

Le Loup Blanc – Restaurant – Etienne Marcel

Pâtisserie Stohrer– Pastry Shop – Sentier / Etienne Marcel

Rice & Beans – Mexican Restaurant / Burritos – Réaumur Sebastopol

Twinkie – Breakfast Restaurant – Etienne Marcel / Réaumur Sebastopol

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