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Lately I’ve been slightly drowning a bit. Transitions are in the happenings and I’ve been trying to find motivation to get out and do things on the weekends, to maintain the social aspect of my life and discovering cozy new places in this fantastic city. I’ve been thinking about how I’d like to go to places that are just good at what they do. Places I can go away from home where I can just enjoy myself with no expectations of awesomeness or from hype. Just genuineness. It’s not as easy as it seems, eh? I find myself going somewhere because that is where everyone is going and sometimes after I leave, I think to myself, “I wonder if I’ll go back there”. How sad is that? Marlette stood out to me in many ways for its genuineness, so I had been quite anxious to check out their café for a little while, especially since I find their mixes so precious and clever. This particular day in question was filled with sun rays and surprisingly warm temperatures, so rolling out of bed to go and stroll through the 9th and see some girlfriends seemed like a bright idea.

Café Marlette is a the new kid on the block of the rue des Martyrs, mand seems to be on everyone’s “to stop by” list lately. Marlette is at its origins a little brand sold across Paris, with little kits for baking delicious things (including gluten free kits!), created and run by 2 sisters. Their café features a section with all they’ve got to offer, and also a place for a delicious little breakfast. Lali, Faye, Anja and I decided to go one weekend morning.

We saw that it opened at 10am, so gave ourselves rendez-vous at this time (I am that asshole who is totally not in the mood to wait at a busy place), but we quickly found out that the kitchen only opens at 11am (not sure if that was communicated somewhere? I couldn’t find it). This little misunderstanding actually turned out for the best as the little fresh as can be breakfast menu was just perfect : a hot bevvie (coffee from Coutume), fresh juice, a fromage blanc or other little sweet treat, and a pastry of choice for 12 euros. I’ll just mention here that their banana bread is what the French would call a “tuerie”, incredibly delicious. As 11 o’clock rolled around and the wave of brunchers came in, we realized that the little breakfast was just we needed and that the brunch actually didn’t really seem worth it’s buck.

I’ll save my brunch frustrations in a later post.

I’d like to go back to Café Marlette for a goûter, a little snack and coffee with a dear one. The space is illuminous and minimalistic, cozy and modern, with precious finishing touches every left and right.

Check out Lali’s review on Café Marlette here.

Café Marlette
51 rue des Martyrs, 75009
Métro: Pigalle (12/2), Saint Georges (12)


Sometimes all I need is a warm cup of tea on a rainy gray winter day.

My teacups pair so nicely with my napkins from Lovely Stitch. Aren’t they just a stitch?! Hehe. If you are looking for little tea time accessories, it’s definitely the place to look!

You can follow Kaylee, the gal who makes so many fabulous things, on and  as well.


When you step into Olivia‘s tea-filled magical apartment, you can’t NOT take pictures… it’s all just too precious!





This Sunday it was the perfect afternoon treat: some choco-chai tea and a few cupcakes. With this rainy weather, an afternoon in with such treats and good company is always wonderful!

Oh là là Tea Party Last Sunday

Last Sunday I had some lovelies over for tea: the minds behind Sugar Daze Cupcakes, Cat and Lola’s CookiesLindsey and her +1, the sensational creative Anne from Prêt-à-Voyager as well as Mr. Ryan! Everyone was sweet enough to bring treats and we all got our fill of sugar for the weekend!

Hope your weekend this week was lovely as ever!

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is a New Yorker now, but is going strong!

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