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Cozy coffee spots are all the hype in Paris at the moment. And although at times it can feel a bit less Parisian that one would hope, it’s shaping what Paris is becoming in many ways.

I remember what it was like when we ONLY had La Caféotèque… it’s so nice to have some early morning options for a yummy espresso or damn good flat white. Cream is up in the 20th, the perfect stroll from Belleville – gosh I love that neighborhood.

Cream has bright wood and a comptoir at the back. Stool seating, bench seating… there is quite a bit of space. It’s very bright, even on a gloomy day. The letters C-R-E-A-M make an arc across the symmetrical entrance from the street. It really is quite cute, in my eyes. The only thing missing is a chai tea latte for those that don’t drink coffee (I popped by with my Paris partner in crime, Anne, who went with a hot cocoa). If you’re around for lunchtime they’ve got wraps.

50 Rue de Belleville, 75020
Open everyday


On Olivia’s birthday a few weeks back, I went over to her precious apartment and she made some delicious egg-free almond meal blueberry cupcakes (a mouth full, right?). That woman is a whizz in the kitchen. As it was her special day, I should have been the one cooking for her! Ha!

These pancakes were so delicious and didn’t feel heavy in the tummy at all. With some pears on the side and a dab of Canadian maple syrup it was the perfect healthy breakfast.

Of course with a chai tea & a good chat? I’m not sure what could be better.

You can get her recipe for these pancakes here.

Happy Monday, think of bright colors and delicious eats to get you through the day.

Tea Parties at Le Loir Dans La Theiere

Le Loir dans la Theiere = The Wolf in the Teapot

Doesn’t this place just look so cozy?

A break from the cold is always nice, and a specially-made tea can be the perfect cherry on top. I had heard many things about this little abode, and often wonder why I hadn’t ventured over earlier. I went on a weekday, when it is a lot more calm and a bit more peaceful as it is in the heart of the Marais (I highly suggest weekdays for this area to avoid long lines and the likes).

The walls are filled with colorful murals and all of the mis-matching chairs and posters will keep your eyes wandering. Along the back wall when you enter is a wooden bar filled with desserts and snacks— I warn you, it will be hard to decide what to take. As I am lemon tart obsessed, I could not resist tasting theirs, and it was the perfect accompaniment with their “loir mélange” tea. CHECK OUT THAT WHIPPED MERINGUE GOODNESS.

I highly suggest this place to pop in and chat with a friend or read. Very relaxing ambiance (on a weekday at least, ha!) I hear their brunch is fantastic yet crowded.

Le Loir dans la Theiere
Address: 3 rue des Rosiers
Metro: Saint Paul (Line 1)