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As charming as Paris is in the winter time, there is the level of winter wonderland magic that just can’t compare to Colorado. As my trip to the state where I grew up approaches, I can’t stop thinking about the snow-capped mountains and falling snowflakes… sadly snow just doesn’t seem to stick in Paris. A good snow I find to be one of the most beautiful and serene of all things.

The countdown begins. I feel like perhaps growing up I didn’t take in the beauty of winter landscapes.

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Date Night @ Tom’s Urban 24

There’s a new icon in Larimer Square with a modern twist on comfort food…

Tom’s Urban 24 opened last fall, and has something new to offer the Denver foodie crowd.

Not only do they have a menu that is to die for (I can’t stop thining about it), but also they are open 24/7. What’s better than that? A delicious grub, drink and snack at any hour of the day or night? Yes please.

To further enlighten you with this place’s awesomeness, this Tom guy is the mastermind and founder behind Smashburger and has the most crazy and exciting background in food science, marketing and branding for various national fast food chains. I’m not kidding when I say he had something to do with Stuffed Crust Pizza and McGriddle. According to the Westword, he’s an R&D wonderboy.

He sounds like a pretty terrific and inspirational guy.

So, when I was home for Christmas, Kristen and I went there for a revisited-comfort-food dinner date.

After a long debate over all of the choices and what to get for dinner (and of course after the Blue Cheese and Bacon Deviled Eggs as an appetizer), we settled for one of their Urban pizzas and the Shrimp Mac ‘n Cheese.

If you want to also drool over their menu, you can check it out here. I am craving most things on the menu as I type this. There is such a large variety of food and flavors, all Colorado sourced! Tom’s works with 30 different Colorado food companies and produce farmers to offer their ever so delicious “comfort food with a modern twist”.

We both paired with a pint. K went with the Hoegaarden that they had on tap, and I went with the local Hoss Rye Lager from Great Divide Brewery.

I’m dreaming of this place and wish so much somewhere with such delicious grub and fabulously retro and urban atmosphere could open in Paris. A great place to enjoy delicious food.

If you happen to go to Denver, check it out for yourself. Your jaw will drop.

Tom’s Urban 24
1460 Larimer Street
Denver, Colorado
On Larimer & 15th Street


I just love the Passy metro stop.

In the winter it really has en eery feeling, and so gray. Something about how symmetrical it is I find to be so interesting. Have you been for a stroll here?

It’s still so chilly here in the city of lights. But these strolls make the cold worth the stroll. And something about those foggy skies I just love.

Hope you’re staying warm.


All photos by Jean-Laurent Gaudy

As tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, I wanted to post these lovely photos that Jean-Laurent took of Louis and I a few weeks ago. It was what he calls a “Love session”. He has a talent for capturing beautiful candid moments. And gosh I am so happy with how they turned out!

It’s hard to get some seemingly natural shots as sometimes it’s awkward to show PDA in front of a camera, eh? We did our best.

I really like these pictures because they were taken in our apartment. In our own element. With our stuff. It felt so much more natural, and so much more true.

I love love.

You can check out the original post on Jean-Laurent’s blog here.

Don’t forget to check out his blog and for more updates and showcasing of his sublime couples photography.

Happy Valentine’s Day.



On Olivia’s birthday a few weeks back, I went over to her precious apartment and she made some delicious egg-free almond meal blueberry cupcakes (a mouth full, right?). That woman is a whizz in the kitchen. As it was her special day, I should have been the one cooking for her! Ha!

These pancakes were so delicious and didn’t feel heavy in the tummy at all. With some pears on the side and a dab of Canadian maple syrup it was the perfect healthy breakfast.

Of course with a chai tea & a good chat? I’m not sure what could be better.

You can get her recipe for these pancakes here.

Happy Monday, think of bright colors and delicious eats to get you through the day.

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