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Breakfast at Twinkie

[A post on a Parisian restaurant]

This place is just DIVINE. It’s been around for 2 years environ in Paris’s 2nd district.

This is a restaurant devoted to breakfasts…. all sorts of breakfasts! With the breakfast you choose, you have many things that come with the meal: freshly squeezed juice(s) of your choice (orange, grapefruit, apple, carrot or even a mixture of two or more), a hot beverage of your choice and various fresh breads with in-house-made delicious jams.

Despite the slightly steep prices, it is well worth your buck (even after the juice I was thinking to myself…SO WORTH IT). Twinkie definitely serves quality food at a just price. Not to mention it was perfect for that Sunday morning urge of breakfast goodness. Most breakfasts are 21euros, but there are many different breakfasts for 14 or 16 (including a Gluten Free Breakfast!)

Twinkie opens daily at 10am. It tends to get crowded by 11-11:30 on the weekends, and unfortunately does not take reservations. If you want to go in the morning, I suggest going at opening.

I left Twinkie with a happy belly. I hope that you will like it too.

I plan to take here when she visits, as I know she appreciates a good breakfast.

Twinkie Breakfasts
Address: 167 rue Saint Denis
Metro: Reaumur Sebastopol (lines 4 + 3) / Etienne Marcel (line 4)


Get Up – Action for Australia – “It’s Time”

I am so obsessed with this video.

It is so well done. And not to mention it is a WONDERFUL campaign. Beautiful video. Beautiful message. Love is beautiful.

Cheers to all of the people I know who are in love, no matter what your sexual orientation is.

Share this with everyone you know.

The Last Sunday of November + Some Pretty Colors

This has been a hefty week. Here is a vision of the natural consumption. However, it is always with great company, so can’t complain. Popped by Café Charlot for the first time with , I’ve heard their burgers are A+. I hope your week was as eventful as mine, and as fall winds down and winter arrives, life in any city gets even more charming.

. . . . .

I am loving these hats by Bosliefje.

What is your favorite market in Paris? I’ve got a few like this + this + this.

The X-mas market is up + running on the Champs Elysées. I am beyond excited.

A nice place to visit this time of year is Bruges.

I love Christmas Cards. Laura has got some great ones on her blog.

being adorable.

Can’t go wrong with a black dress.

Sunday mornings + = Perfection.

Moveable Feasts: Volume 2

Last year, I gathered pictures from my favorite meals for a post: Moveable Feasts. This post included some of my most memorable meals from travels and everyday grub. But part of what was missing in that post was the fact that it is also the company that is with you at the table that makes memorable grub moments.

So as a recap for this year through images of some of the meals I’ve shared with people I adore……. I would like to cheers to eating yummy things with close friends + family.

Thanksgiving is the day when you can clearly think about, realize  and communicate what you are thankful for. I am thankful to have so many wonderful people in my life. I am thankful to have amazingly supportive and creative parents and siblings. I am thankful for the kind-hearted, caring and inspiring friends I have who make any city I’m in a home. I’m thankful for being able to experience so much and discover so many things in the world. I think my I’m thankful for list could go on and on and on. Concerning the meal itself….. something about catching up around a table with food on the way is so meaningful and can often be nostalgic. Under our Colorado roof, this day + feast was just as much about friendship as it was about family. I think about past Thanksgivings and I feel pinches of nostalgia, but I get even more excited about sharing this holiday with people have ever celebrated it before.


Be thankful for the people you know + everything that comes with it.

Life is beautiful.

Tea Parties at Le Loir Dans La Theiere

Le Loir dans la Theiere = The Wolf in the Teapot

Doesn’t this place just look so cozy?

A break from the cold is always nice, and a specially-made tea can be the perfect cherry on top. I had heard many things about this little abode, and often wonder why I hadn’t ventured over earlier. I went on a weekday, when it is a lot more calm and a bit more peaceful as it is in the heart of the Marais (I highly suggest weekdays for this area to avoid long lines and the likes).

The walls are filled with colorful murals and all of the mis-matching chairs and posters will keep your eyes wandering. Along the back wall when you enter is a wooden bar filled with desserts and snacks— I warn you, it will be hard to decide what to take. As I am lemon tart obsessed, I could not resist tasting theirs, and it was the perfect accompaniment with their “loir mélange” tea. CHECK OUT THAT WHIPPED MERINGUE GOODNESS.

I highly suggest this place to pop in and chat with a friend or read. Very relaxing ambiance (on a weekday at least, ha!) I hear their brunch is fantastic yet crowded.

Le Loir dans la Theiere
Address: 3 rue des Rosiers
Metro: Saint Paul (Line 1)


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