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Behind Montmartre is the home to a little secret… Paris’s German beer garden. Inspired by German everything, Kiez has a selection of German beers on tap, amongst other boissons, German snacks and heaps of German déco. Bref, it’s Bavarian madness and a great spot for a beer or five. This is making me excited for my weekend in Munich!

Lovelies Lauren Lou and Anne joined me to check out the place, and I immediately fell in love: laid back atmosphere with big tables and adorable knick-knacks, delicious Deutsche lagers, an outdoor patio perfect for the warm months …and of course, pretzels.

Kiez Biergarten Parisien
24 Rue Vauvenargues, 75018 Paris
Métro: Guy Môquet


For a double date with Sasha and her beau, we opted for the Bar Demory, a place that had been on my “to go to” list for quite some time, in the heart of the Beaubourg neighborhood.

As soon as I opened the door the minimalist, industrial feel and neons of the decor drew me in. The space is open, with a large bar in the front aside long wooden tables, with more seating in the back with foosball tables and such. The interior is modern with tasteful graphics and lettering, tiling and wood carvings. Geometric shapes and tessellations cover the bottoms of the walls, and tube lighting in the shapes of diamonds on the ceiling give off reds and whites. The stools and bar have an industrial feel, with mirrors making the space seem even bigger than it already is.

As for the beers, Demory had 5 of their own beers on tap: Astroblonde, Cosmoblonde, Roquette Blanche, Atomique and the Nova Noir. I kicked off the night with the Roquette Blanche (which I had often  tasted at Yelp Events) and finished with the Nova Noir which I really liked…malty and fruity notes with a sweetish but bitter aftertaste. On top of these delicious treasures, they also serve some of their friend brewery’s beers and beer-inspired cocktails.

On the Monday night that we went, only the front area had some people, but in general I’m sure on weekend nights this place gets pretty packed, especially with the heaps of events the bar throws (DJ sets to concerts to expos). De plus, the Demory Bar has a Happy Hour from 6-8pm with snacks on the house, which for us was a mini soup and savory cake. On top of our beers, we went with a hearty terrine plate, which was served with delicious breads and pickles. Their menu also features individual meals and delicious additions like hot dogs, just sayin’. If you’re there before 9pm and dig their brews, don’t forget to buy a 6-pack of their beers for 6 euros.

I am hoping my next excursion there will be for their brunch. Anyone wanna join?

62 rue Quincampoix, 75004
Métro: Rambuteau (11), Etienne Marcel (4)


One of PUR FOOD PARIS‘s premium and innovative products available in Paris are from the Cold Hand Winery. Denmark’s Cold Hand Winery started in 2010 by Jens, a wine aficionado and fruit wine maker, and Flemming, one of Denmark’s best apple and fruit producers.

Inspired by a family history of wine making, apple growing, heaps of passion, and a dream to make some of the best fruit wines in Denmark, Cold Hand has started to make their dream become reality as many of their products have now won awards at various fruit wine competitions in the UK and in Denmark. Their latest title, for one of their latest experiments with sour dark cherries, was named the “best fruit wine in Denmark”.

On a chilly autumn night this past week at the oldest bar in Paris, Le Forvm and PÜR FOOD PARIS co-hosted the official launch of Cold Hand Winery: Les Vikings Debarquent. This Vikings-themed soirée was about introducing the Cold Hand Winery to the elite clients of Le Forvm in a convivial atmosphere, with a guest-star bartender, the world’s 17th best barman, Hasse Bank Johansen. Hasse competed with his Cold Hand Winery cocktails crafted from his bar, St Paul’s Apothek in Aarhus, Denmark, against two of Le Forvum’s top French barmen, Vincent and Germain, crafting Cold Hand cocktails with Le Forvm’s style and refined selection at the heart. The night was indeed a mixology show, with a a custom cocktail menu consisting of 10 unique opportunities to discover the incredible Cold Hand fruit wines.

The cocktail menu had a little something for everyone’s taste: sweet to sour, and unique combinations (dried fig? Yes please!). Their products, each made from Danish fruits, were the main ingredients in the cocktails of the soirée:

  • Malus X Masculine & Feminam, made from Ingrid Marie & Karin Schneider apples & housemade eau de vie
  • Ribes Nigrum, made from tart blackcurrants
  • Prunus Rosa, made from pure blue prunes
  • Pyrus X, made from 5 types of pears and housemade eau de vie
  • Prunus Nigra, made from acidic black cherries

I personally loved the “Malus X Old Fashioned”… it was the perfect classic bitter cocktail with a sweet twist thanks to Cold Hand’s Malus Masculine X fruit wine.

As for the homies’ favorites: Ana Clara adored the “Long-Stress Reliever” (a delectable mix of sweet and sour, with shaved carrots on top served in a beautiful crystal glass.), Sam enjoyed the “Lowball/Old Fashioned”, and Yann-Yves had the “Euphoric Enhancer” first (served in the most charming cocktail glass). Olivia and Audrey went all out with the “Millionaire” cocktail, suggested by Hasse as the cocktail to end the night (served in a cold glass smothered in cocoa).

Carrying on with the Viking-theme, PÜR FOOD PARIS spoiled us with delicious and exclusive products like the Ren Lyx pure, cold-smoked and dried reindeer meat, Hansen-Lydersen’s hand-salted and hand-turned perfectly smoked salmon, a very special and exclusive caviar– the Bottenvikens Löjrom, and some of Denmark’s artisanal cheeses that were made to go with Jens and Flemming’s fruitwines. The Nordic-themed evening showcased some of the innovative and excellent products PÜR FOOD PARIS is introducing here in Paris in exclusivity, but also across Europe- with passionate stories and products of incredible quality.

If you are eager to taste what the hype is about, Cold Hand Winery products are exclusively available at Le Forvm in Paris, or for other information, with PÜR FOOD PARIS as the exclusive EU distributors.

For more information on Cold Hand Winery, or any of the products featured, please contact PÜR FOOD PARIS at .

Le Forvm
3, boulevard des Malheserbes, Paris 75008
Métro: Madeleine (8, 12, 14)


Café Pinson is located in the heart of the Upper Marais.

I discovered Café Pinson through a Yelp Event a few months back, and was so excited to go back and indulge in their treats. Their juices rock my world.

One of those sunny mornings in early spring I decided to pop in and enjoy a juice with a new friend. Café Pinson has a variety of things on their menu available for people with dietary restrictions: gluten free + vegan. They promote a healthy way of enjoying sweets, and tasting their tasty unique creations that you may have never heard of. Even things like tree sap! The staff is friendly and the space is cozy as can be, with magazines and books piled around, and bookshelves filled with knick-knacks.


Café Pinson
6 rue du Forez, 75003
Métro: Temple (3) / Filles du Calvaire (8)


When a friend comes to visit me in Paris, I immediately start a list of all of the things I want to take that person to. It’s actually really hard, almost like when you think of things you want to and inopportune moments, but then when the time comes to think of them, you’ve got a brain freeze. This happens to me all the time. When Rachel was in town only just a few weeks ago, I wanted it to be perfect, because I was so excited to share my city with her on her first trip to Europe. But when one creates lists, sometimes they get pushed, eh? With the turn of events and spontaneous change in plans, I get so stressed about fitting everything in. I guess to say it simply, I just love playing host.

On her first afternoon in the city, freshly arrived from Germany, we went for a stroll around Notre Dame before heading northwards into the Marais. Funny as it was, on that first metro ride, someone I knew, and then getting out of the metro I ran into another person I knew enjoying a beer on a terrasse. I’m sure Rachel’s impressions were something along the lines of, “jeez, in Paris you run into your homies all the time!”. I really found it quite funny, but then I realized how that has rarely happened before. It was just one of those magical days I suppose.

We kicked off our stroll by crossing the bridge Pont de l’Archevêché, the one filled with hundreds and hundreds of couple’s locked love. The view from this side of Notre Dame is one of my favorite views in Paris. the little park right behind it is definitely worth a stroll, and had the most beautiful big roses planted. You could smell them from a ways away.

A cocktail at La Favorite gave us a little pick me up as we strolled up and down rue de Rosiers, finishing the evening early at L’As du Falafel for dinner.

Rachel and I had many more adventures that week, that I can’t wait to share on here. Having a close friend in town is magic. I love showing my favorite people my favorite things in this city. And a little girl talk is always the best, n’est-ce pas?

Where do you take your close friends when they’re in town?

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