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Au Veille du Temple: Le Breizh Cafe

Long story short: my buddy Vanessa told me about this place a while back, and everytime we would pass it walking up and down the Marais, we’d say we would eat there. So when our special friend Moe was in own in the spring, we finally gave it a whirl. These photos are from May, but they still have the same value and delicious representation of this little trésor breton.

If you haven’t tried a true Gallette Bretone (or one with a pinch of modern spunk)……NOW IS YOUR CHANCE. Well, I mean, there are gobs and gobs of Crêperies all over Paris (especially in the Montparnasse area FYI) so give one a whirl. The “classic” is with Ham, Egg & Cheese.

And don’t forget to top it off with some cider.

Check out their site & menu here.

La Montgolfiere

Sometimes all you have to do is stop and notice the simple things in life that are sometimes the most beautiful.

Photo taken right outside of Montargis.

Discovered this fantastic Etsy shop via  Designworklife.

Ate here again after 2 months withdrawal.

Ran into this for lunch today.

Getting the hang of translating.

A rainbow of Pastels

One thing that’s great about having a Dominique Saibron nearby…. deliciously adorable macaroons.


Fotoautomat at Palais Tokyo

I feel as though I can always count on the Fotoautomat at the Palais de Tokyo (which is provided by Fotoautomat France). Vanessa and I popped by there on  Tuesday for a shoot. I also threw in an old collection of photos from a few years ago, in that same booth.

In the eastern most part of Paris’s 16th district, the Photobooth awaits your poses (except on Mondays, because Palais de Tokyo is closed on Mondays).

Go take it for a spin.

Cheers to all photobooths and those who run them and keep them around.

For more posts on Photobooths, since I’m crazy, check them out here.

Fete des Tuileries: Take 2

This time of year two years ago. I came back to a Paris that I knew a bit less. I went to Le Jardin des Tuileries with some friends to wander, and by surprise caught on to the fun of La Fête des Tuileries: a classic mini theme-park that was temporarily set up along Rivoli- La Roue de Paris included.

When I came back to Paris last week, I discovered this same park: the same rides, the same placement, the same colors… in the exact same place.

Hemingway was right, you can always come back to Paris. And I especially like tacky stuff like this!

Not sure what sparked my interest in Parc de Loisirs or Foires, but I’ve always found them amusing. The lights, the fonts, the colors. For me, they all scream “TAKE MY PICTURE, MEG!”

As a kid we drove to many amusement parks across the US as my brother was obsessed with roller coasters (the classic vintag-esque ones were always the best and prettiest in my mind). I guess you could say we were adventurous. But then again, it could have been being introduced to places like Casa Bonita for my sister and I’s 7th birthday party, or having the annual school night at Lakeside outside of Denver. I also had fun with these types of places at Oktoberfest a few years ago, and also of course Coney Island this summer in Brooklyn. Sometimes it’s not even riding the rides, but weaving through them, observing how they function and sometimes wondering why on earth some people would go on certain rides. I hope to check out more of these special parks, as it’s definitely a summertime getaway to admire the odd construction of random rides and games and also prime people watching.

This particular Sunday just happened to be the last day of the Fête de Tuileries, and a marker for the ending of summer.

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