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In early August, two of the most in-love humans I have the pleasure of knowing tied the knot. About the bride and groom: Maria (Swedish gal), and Pierre (French dude), definitely have some kind of continuous electric current between one another, and their wedding on the Swedish island of Ven was nothing short of magical… and so them.

Upon arrival on the island of Ven via ferry, all the guests picked up yellow tandem bikes and hit the road to the location of the event. Sidenote, tandem bikes take a lot of coordination and are a lot more difficult than I expected. After getting settled in, we caught up with other guests and enjoyed some local grub and craft beer under the sun. Those who needed naps did so and before we knew it it was time to get ready for the ceremony. The afternoon flew by.

Us bridesmaids slipped on our vibrant red dresses (that, by the way, we all sewed under Maria’s supervision) and threw on our flower crowns that we made earlier in the day with flowers and leaves picked on the island. The brod slipped into her beautiful handmade gown adorned with giant bow on the back that took all 8 of us to get right (for anyone who knows Maria, she sews a good portion of her wardrobe and is quite the talented seamstress). This blue-eyed homegirl looked stunning, and when the groom saw her there was serious firework action.

When it was time, we all headed up a little dirt road to a little opening in the trees, where the two lovers exchanged their vows surrounded by family and friends. It was very much a tear jerker, tbh. The newlyweds rode off into the trees on their tandem with cans hanging and bangling from the back and the rest of the guests followed on their bikes for a tour of the island. It seriously felt like a flashback in a film, we were all riding in the Swedish island countryside with hair in the wind, etc., the whole thing felt like slow motion. We made our way to a little beach and the groom and his pals immediately stripped down and raced into the water, we all cheered, the sun was setting and it was just awesome. The evening rolled in with heaps of laughter, speeches in 3 different languages, Swedish meatballs & more, wine glasses cheering continuously, and rolled out with groovy moves on the dance floor and a huge bonfire.

Maria and Pierre, you rock, thank you for such an amazing weekend filled with so much love.

I’m not yet at the age where heaps of my friends are getting married. It’s starting. For example, this is only the second wedding I’ve ever been to! (The first one was also documented on here). That said, I’m eternally bummed about missing two dear friend’s wedding last summer due to distance and a new job, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to be a part of more celebrations for dear ones in the future. Because quite simply, seeing people so so happy and being a part of such a celebration is one of the most magical things.

This September someone I really care about got hitched, my fromager friend Romain. We met in our Master’s program here in Paris, and he’s probably one of the sweetest humans I’ve ever met, so to head down to the Aquitaine with the other two members of our quartet, Coline and Mohamed, was just the best way to finish off the summer season. The simplicity and beauty of their wedding was beyond rad, full of brocante-themed details, bubbly and dancing. The adorable little Mairie was in a small town north of Bordeaux, near the newlywed’s new home, and the reception was in a beautifully modest local castle (to which I unfortunately did not bring my camera, cos boy was it beautifully decorated a rustic-vintage charm, streamers and table decor galore!).

Last but not least, a little side note on how epic French celebration meals are— they start so late after already stuffing one’s face in amuse-bouche and hors-d’oeuvres, and so they finish so late but it’s all just so wonderful and because of all the happiness in celebration of love, no one even realizes they’re tired! Leaving the dinner table at 3am isn’t always a bad thing, especially if it’s to get up and boogie to Claude-François and Jean-Jacques Goldman (Google both of these people now if you haven’t heard of them, and yes, you will probably hear their songs at any type of huge French gathering, notably weddings).

It was a very happy weekend, so much love to the newlyweds. And total props to Romain on the cheese course, he knows his stuff.


Once upon a time in a land not so far from Pars, in a small town in Bretagne, two lovers said their vows.

I just love weddings.

Andrea and Christophe’s franco-american wedding was in a small town in Brittany this summer. It was a precious weekend full of sunshine and a good old fashioned fun time. The civil wedding was in the little Mairie of Jugon-les-Lacs. As the bride stepped out of the car, everyone peeked out the window of the first floor, where the wedding was taking place, to get a glimpse. From above the detail of her vintage lace dress was not yet visible, but we could all see her red lipstick, and could see the anticipation in Christophe’s eyes. It was magic.

The reception was held in the most beautiful stone home about a 5 minute drive from the town center. The signs marked the distances to Paris and to Indiana, ’twas precious. The flowers all around were colorful and in bloom. The lights were not yet lit, but the tent covered the most precious decorations and triangle banners draped from side to site. The cocktails were ready, and the feasting began.

We danced the night away. Congratulations, Andrea and Christophe.



I just love weddings. I haven’t been to many, um only two, but I just love seeing people in a full blown cloud of happiness. So much happiness. I love the idea of people getting together with all of those that they care about, and engaging in something extraordinary. It’s so exciting, don’t you think?

In France there’s a pretty snazzy tradition of going to your neighborhood town hall to get married before, or around the same time of, your wedding if you choose to have one. It’s an important little rendez-vous that your family and close friends can join you for, and is often followed by a little celebration. It’s also the moment you get the ever-so-golden livret de famille that the French bureaucracy finds to be so important. But enough about that blabbering, let’s take a gander at this beautiful couple.

This special day in Paris was for my friend Becca and her beau-turned-hubby, Clément. I was so flattered to get to come and shoot some pictures of them on their special day.

Becca was wearing her mother’s wedding dress which I just thought was fantastic. How adorable are these two?

Congratulations, love birds!