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Heaven on Butter Lane

Hello all! So on Monday when Trevor was in town for Pride, I was introduced to a little bit of heaven. This cupcake shop my friend Dorry found out about and always raved about how she received free cupcakes from re-tweeting a tweet of theirs (see their Twitter ). But not only that, she mentioned that they had delicious cupcakes! Butter Lane is tucked in Alphabet city between Avenue A (thinking of Rent…) and 1st Avenue on 7th. Only a few steps from Tompkins Square Park…..

As you enter, you see a large chalk board on the left, which is just precious in itself. Listed are the cakes of the day, and the icings of the day. It is pretty much the best way possible to serve a cupcake…. there is a little something for everyone. So I had the vanilla cake (I know, it’s probably crazy that I don’t like chocolate) with raspberry icing. It was SUBERBE. I tend to eat the icing first on a cupcake, so having the rich flavorful raspberry flavors first before devouring the moist white cake was just perfection. I’d have to say my favorite in New York so far, and I plan to go back many times!

One thing I really like about Butter Lane is how involved with their customers they are. They take advantage of the offers that the Internet has for networking. I definitely will make sure everyone I know goes there… !

Is your mouth watering yet from the photos? Go get a cupcake right NOW!

@Butter Lane: I know you just opened on in Park Slope… but Maybe open a branch in Paris, s’il vous plaît?

Butter Lane
Address: 123 East Seventh Street New York, New York 10009
Subway: 1st Avenue (L) or 2nd Avenue (F)

Be sure to take a peek at their website, there’s a little French surprise playing in the background.

Also, I’m in Twitter, check it out .

For more French Cupcake shops, click here or here.

Or you can check out the perfect mix, the American Cupcake in Paris by Cat at Sugar Daze.

A Glimpse of a Beirut Summer

Music: “” by M.I.A.

This is the video I made last summer in Beirut. ‘Twas a summer full of memories & random vocabulary. A big cheers to all of the amazing people I met on that trip!  Hope you like it!


Marche aux Puces de la Porte de Vanves

Two cities. Different lifestyles. Voilà. This video depicts it all. It’s directed by J.W. Griffiths. found it on .

As for the market photos… I know this seems a bit dated as I am not in Paris at the moment, but I sure am thinking of it. And after visiting the Brooklyn Flea, I was reminded of how much I love the marché at Porte de Vanves in the 14th of Paris (and I’m not only saying this because I’m proud of my arrondissement….! Which you can check on Anne‘s Around Paris Project)

This market is sort of unknown as I talk about it to friends or other tourists….which is understandable because the Puces at Clignancourt is of course a bit larger and sucks up all of the glory… but you can still find little treasures here in the south of Paris. Tons of treasures, actually.

I always tend to stumble upon peachy glass 30’s antiques, which happen to frequent my kitchen…..

It’s best to go on Saturday or Sundays around 9 or 10am, but not after 12pm, as the market becoming prominently clothing. Perfect for a morning stroll.


1) Get of the metro at Plaisance on line 13. Or the tram 3 at Didot. (if you take the line 13 route, take rue d’Alésia east until rue Didot, and go south until the periphérique)

2) You’ll see the market if you cross past the main street & tram tracks, and start to your left and wrap around to the right, eventually making a U-Turn and following the vendors are the way down  avenue Marc Sangnier.

3) Buy pretty things and admire trinkets between all of the above!

4) Fin.


These photos are from our first time in Dumbo, the more-southern part of Brooklyn. We hopped up to Ryan’s place with a view of the city. And a Saturday BBQ it ’twas! Ryan is one of the best hosts I know. I think the pictures can depict the mood completely, but to top it off, let’s just say that it was the perfect evening with friends. The iPhone photo there is dedicated to the lovely Allie who just had a birthday. :)

Go NY, and cheers to all who love.

Last night the state of NY passed the law to legalize same-sex marriage. There would be no better night to spend with Trevor and Nick in the Big Apple. Sangria and a night out to celebrate  the big news. On Nothing is New I found the initial links to these old photos from the Gay Rights movements in the 70’s, and thought I would post one on my own blog to show how happy I am for this day.

{image source}

You go, NY. This is a big step.

And cheers to everyone who loves.

All you need is love.


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