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On Tuesday night, I had the pleasure of attending the Lillet Rosé launch party that was hosted at My Little Paris.

Lillet, if you don’t already know it, is a Bordeaux wine-based apéritif that exists in its classical white, and also red: both mixed with liqueur and fruity goodness. As it is an apéritif that is served chilled, it was perfect for the few days of warm Spring weather we had.

It was such a beautiful day. The sun hadn’t set when we arrived, and the windows were wide open with a cool breeze. The theme of the party, “Rosé is the new chic” was in the spotlight with pink spotlights and all things rose and bright every left and right. I brought the beautiful Olivia along with me, and we were introduced to Lillet’s land of rosé and chic. Bien sûr, these events are also a wonderful place to mingle. I had the chance of meeting many new faces, one of which is the lovely Chloé, another passionate lady of all things pretty and delicious.

Lillet Rosé bottles were showcased in big, fabulous ice bowls that exposed the beautiful and vintage-looking labels through the ice cubes. The various cocktails on the menu were mixed with this delicious and bright apéritif for us to indulge in… they were the most refreshingly tasteful concoctions. At the soirée was not only delicious grub, a man in a floral suit that put pink mesh headpieces in our hair, a DIY Lillet cocktail bar, but also terrific show by . She also did an unforgettable cover of “American Boy” but in French, that she translated to, “Mon beau Parisien”. I found it to be quite fantastic.

For a feel of this magical evening in every shade of rosé, I invite you to scroll down through the vibrantly colored pictures below. The powerful spotlights gave all of our faces pink tints and bright lips…almost like an extra bit of blush on all of our cheeks. It was dreamy as can be,.

Lillet Rosé is already big in Bordeaux, in the United States and a few other countries across the globe, but is currently being launched in Paris, Australia and Brazil. Exciting, eh? I am astonished I had never seen it before. Especially with such fantastic labels and a perfect, plump pink color that the alcohol has.

You can read about a delicious spring cocktail with Lillet Rosé on Martha Stewart here. I am so excited to have been introduced to this delicious apéritif, and can’t wait to get creative with different flavors.

Special thanks to the folks at Génépi for promoting and organizing this lovely occasion, and of course to My Little Paris for hosting.